Mother’s Day whispers*


Oh boy people. Feeling exhausted these days and at capacity in so many ways! Before I lay down with my new favorite book called Hope Will Find You (I am savoring every page) I just wanted to share this photo of me and Nico. He is six months old, almost crawling (which by the way I am NOT encouraging. Please stay right where you are little dude!) and full of joy.

I could learn a lot from this kid.

When I was pregnant, I had one dream about Nico. I couldn’t see his face, I didn’t know his name, but the dream told me that he was a receiver of life. He took all of life in, didn’t resist one bit of it, and knew deeply about pleasure, joy and what a gift it is to receive life fully. I see it in the way he relaxes in my arms, the way he lets me hug and kiss him (no arching and resisting involved) and the way his default mode is to grin and giggle about pretty much everything.

If I was a little angel sitting on my shoulder these days there are a few things I would whisper:
Everything’s going to be okay.
You can let go.
You are doing great.
I love you.
It’s okay to just enjoy.
You don’t have to wait anymore.

What would your whispers say?

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. robyn

    my whispers would say …
    you are doing great!
    savor these months, even as your belly grows – he’ll be here before you know it!
    take the leap … it will be worth it!
    give your dreams room …

  2. vivienne

    my whispers would say:
    slow down enough to celebrate
    everything is secretly perfect
    trust the rough patches will lead to good
    trust there is love ahead

  3. Catherine Just

    holy macaroni is he CUTE!!!! ( and so are YOU by the way! )
    My whispers?
    I’m stealing YOURS!
    They almost made me cry so i know that is exactly what I needed to hear.
    Thank you !

  4. jakki

    He is adorable and YOU…you are absolutely beautiful. I see so much grace in your face and expressions!
    my whisper…a RESOUNDING….
    love myself so i can fully love others.

  5. Lene

    My whispers would be:
    you can trust everything is going to be okay
    you can let go of pain and just enjoy
    you are loved
    Had my first mothers day yesterday with our babygirl due tomorrow. It is so surreal to be welcoming this person whom we do not yet know into our lives, but I am so looking forward to meet her:)
    Thank you SO much for your always inspiring words and thoughts. They make me trust that life is meant to be good!

  6. bahiehk

    You don’t need to wait anymore.
    Love it!!
    Mine would say: Life is now. Savour. Be happy.

  7. Patti

    how absolutely adorable he is!!

  8. elizabeth

    What a great photo! Hold on to those moments….
    My whispers would say:
    Go easy. I see you working so hard….and
    you’re doing a great job. You’re beautiful
    just as you are.

  9. sonrie

    Just love that baby face!

  10. michelle

    such a cutie….
    my wispers would say…
    breathe, be happy…
    you deserve to be happy…
    it will all be ok…
    live more in your life and less in your head (worrying)…

  11. melissa

    gorgeous…you and nico. thank you for this kind invitation. my whispers…
    you can rest.
    allow grace to carry you.

  12. debbie

    my whispers would say:
    my love, there’s no need to take life so seriously.
    it’s ok to laugh and have fun with it all.
    nothing needs fixing.
    I love you.
    now go play. 🙂

  13. nina

    Nico is beautiful! My 9 y.o. daughter peering over my shoulder: “They had another one, that fast? How did they do that?”
    The angel on my other shoulder whispers:
    Let go. I’ll catch you.

  14. Anna

    If you wear your heart on your sleeve … you might get what you need.

  15. Julia

    my angel whispers would say …
    *Don’t worry so much.
    *Some day you get your dream job – just be a little patient.
    *If you want to do it, do it now.
    *You have got lovely friends – just ask them when you need help.
    *Don’t worry so much (to be repeated as much as needed)
    Lovely picture of the two of you!

  16. giselle taminez

    You are blessed!
    My angel would whisper:
    You are enough, you do enough and are always being provided for abundantly.
    You will have a baby soon.
    It will all be alright and your live just gets better and better.
    The Universe and Angels are always by your side.

  17. Trish

    That is one beautiful boy!!!!
    Can you please imagine and tell me what my angel would tell me? Please close your eyes and send me a message on behalf of the angel….you’re an angel to me in this lifetime.

  18. heidi

    In the days of singleness, a Jamaican woman/angel used to visit me whenever I drove on the highway. I rarely turned on the radio and always went over and over the details of my life as it was and how I hoped it could be one day. Inevitably I would start crying, feeling like I would never reach my vision of a truly valuable life. That is when she would visit. My whole being would fill with her presence and in her enchanting accent, she would say the funniest, most encouraging words, all the while wrapping me up in love. She told me I am beautiful. She still visits periodically, but now we reflect on life and wonder, like two souls who have been through a lot together.

  19. cath

    Gosh, you always always show such fluid honesty and deep love. Your family is a blessed one, Andrea.
    My angel might say…
    Go find your sunshine.

  20. Diane


  21. Ellie

    Again you write what i need to hear..thank you…
    my whispers?
    You’re not alone in the struggling.
    Breathe. Let Go.

  22. britt

    My whispers…
    –hope will come
    –be courageous
    –it’s okay to smile
    Also, a little startled and happy to see your book reference and discover the author after clicking through. I stumbled upon “To Begin Again” years ago during my first adult tragedy. I always felt like the book found me. I’ve purchased her other books since then — her tone and style are so approachable.

  23. oprol evorter

    Some genuinely interesting details you have written.Helped me a lot, just what I was looking for : D.


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