Epiphanie bag giveaway! + Superhero Photo Fall class!

The fabulous Karen Walrond modeling an Epiphanie bag, photo by Maile Wilson
turquoise Epiphanie bag
inside the Epiphanie bag
If you’ve been cruising photoblogs on the internet lately you have probably come across one of Maile Wilson’s brilliant camera bags— Epiphanie. They look like your favorite handbag (and come in lots of yummy colors) but they deceptively practical. The padded interior will hold a camera body plus a bunch of lenses. Genius!

Today might be your lucky day! We are giving away one turquoise bag (like the one pictured above) to a lucky reader.

In the comments below, tell us about a favorite moment you captured this summer. Winner will be chosen at random and announced this weekend!

P.S. FALL SUPERHERO PHOTO CLASS begins Monday, September 19th. Join me for some photo fun and inspiration this season. It’s a great way to get some juicy new photos and inspiration back in your blogs and albums!

UPDATE: The lucky winner of the giveaway is Danielle! (Velveteen Mama) Enjoy the beautiful bag Danielle!

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  1. chris

    Love those bags! A favorite moment I captured was actually a few of myself and my daughter. I never take photos of myself, so this was a “first”!

  2. Nina

    Favorite moment:
    going to the closing night campfire at the camp where I was the volunteer doc for the week
    many firsts:
    *my 8 year old went to sleepaway camp (we were there too but he was in his own cabin)
    *my 6 year old attending daycamp at the same place
    *me and my sweetie getting 5 days of time together without kids and 5 nights of blissful time with our 6 year old (when do you ever get that much time with your second child?) on beautiful Orcas Island
    *going back to camp as a grown up, dream come true

  3. Average Jane

    My favorite moment this summer happened at BlogHer. A bunch of us crowded into an elevator and we all noticed simultaneously that the ceiling was mirrored. I took a photo of the happy party people reflected in the ceiling.

  4. Txtingmrdarcy

    I lost my trusty Canon Powershot this summer after my dog decided to snack on it… Finally got to upgrade to a DSLR though! My favorite shot that I’ve captured so far is a goofy one of my fiance and I holding our marriage license. We’re not even looking in the right direction, but the picture says so much more than that!

  5. Maggie

    My favorite moment I captured was the hopelessly blue waterfall I found in Luang Prabang, Laos.
    It was a steamy day, I was staying in a place with no air conditioner and no fan, and I could actually feel my brain melting. A friend and I decided that the jungle might provide more shade and comfort, so we set off for a hike. Along the way we found the most stunning set of waterfalls — they were layered like a quinceneara cake — one turquoise pool giving way to another. We jumped in immediately.
    Best of all, the water was ICE cold. I’ve never felt more thankful, more refreshed or more rejuvenated. The photo I took of that place isn’t the most extraordinary shot I’ve ever taken, but it carries so many memories for me.

  6. Melissa

    My absolute favorite moment I captured was at an outdoor wedding in Lake Placid in August. The youngest flower girl (about 2 years old) decided to revolt instead of carry her flowers, and spent the entire wedding deconstructing a nearby rock garden – which her mother allowed because it kept her quiet and she wasn’t throwing the rocks. I have one picture of the child bringing some rocks to her mother, which I love, and another of the deconstructed garden with the flower bouquet in the middle of the rock carnage. It was a lovely and silly moment.

  7. jag

    Just one favourite moment?! 🙂 Well, something that was quite unique this summer was the visit of the royal newlyweds, William & Kate, to Ottawa. I showed up over six hours early to stake my spot and get a good view on Parliament Hill. This is my favourite shot of the day. Their effect on people was quite magical!
    p.s. I would LOVE to have an Epiphanie bag – they are perfection!

  8. Sara B

    I think my favorite moment was the look of excitement when I took my first forward-facing iPhone photo. I was trying to capture something in front of me but had managed to switch the lenses. I was so excited and surprised, but it feels like the threshold, like the beginning of something great. Since then I have had many great times capturing the moments of summer, but that photo (that I’ll likely never share) really holds it all for me.
    And I’m really in love with this bag. 🙂

  9. Kizz

    I think this is probably my favorite. I went to the courthouse in my borough on the first day that same gender marriages were legal in NY State. I wanted to take some pictures of happy people because it had been a pretty unhappy spring. One of the first married couples to exit the building were these ladies who, if I heard them correctly, and I think I did, have been together for 70 years.

  10. Natalie

    I took my first photos of a newborn. A sleepy little newborn. Weeeeee!

  11. Katherine

    In my (now fizzling) attempt at 365 days of self portraits, I captured a great picture of my mother & I together when she was visiting one weekend. I cherish that picture so much because we rarely remember to get pictures of us together.

  12. Sarah

    I climbed my first fourteener in Colorado last month and got some amazing pictures of the mountain. I also got some fun pictures of my friends at one of the best weddings I’ve been to.

  13. Kelsey Bumgarner

    Whoo hoo! I love Epiphanie and have been drooling over them. My favorite moment was going to the Oregon beaches and taking photos of my parents in Cannon Beach. It was the first time my mom had been to the ocean on that side of the continent. 🙂

  14. amanda {the habit of being}

    my favorite moment captured this summer was from our blueberry picking expedition – so many photos of the kids and mr. to bring back memories of a perfect day.

  15. Megan

    My favourite photo was of fungus growing on a moss covered, fallen tree on the forest floor. I love to take photo walks in the forest and see what presents itself to me. We walk by so much during our busy lives, it’s nice to take the time to be present to Nature.

  16. Leah Peterson

    My daughter and her boyfriend came to stay for a month this past summer. They did a lot of renovation on my Grandmother’s home, getting it ready to rent, and I caught them being adorable together. She had an incredibly hard sophomore year at college. It ws SO GREAT to see her happy and light. http://instagr.am/p/HvaS3/

  17. Bethany

    Hiking with my friend Andy in July — we decided we would wade across a river, and it turned out to be a bit deeper than each of us anticipated. I got a shot of him laughing, trying to keep his shorts from getting completely soaked and stay upright at the same time.

  18. Kate

    I’ve been taking photography classes this summer to feel a little more competent. One of the outcomes has been tons of photos taken this summer. My favorite is of my front yard. This summer has been crazy busy – the kind of summer where I haven’t gotten to really dig into the dirt and make things beautiful. Fortunately, mother nature helped me out! http://katespov.blogspot.com/2011/08/prehistoric-gardening.html

  19. Linda

    Rocks! Plastic! Sea Glass!

  20. KP

    I was in Alaska a few weeks ago and got some great shots of a grizzly bear ten feet away, snuffling around for berries. Then I hightailed it out of there!

  21. tanaya

    We took my 5 year old nephew camping for the first time ever last month. He was exhausted & wanted to take a nap so he laid in the tent for awhile.
    When I went to check on him he naked and completely covered, head to toe in body paint. he looked up and we both immediately started laughing.
    A spontaneous photo shoot ensued.

  22. Erica

    I caught a picture of my boyfriend looking all handsome and dapper, weaving his way in and out of the sunlight under the colonnades in Bologna on our very first trip to Italy. It was such a lovely trip and something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

  23. Nolwenn

    I love these bags and see them kinda everywhere 😉 Would love to win one.
    My favourite shoot from this summer was taken on my daughter’s 6th birthday, just the excitement and joy is amazing.

  24. JC

    On our one year anniversary, I shot a panoramic photo of my boyfriend looking over the Thames River as the sun set during our vacation in London. The perfect way for me to remember the day and that moment.

  25. sperlygirl

    oh, i so love these bags! completely on my wishlist…
    my favorite shot this summer was my son, decked out in a fedora and superhero mask & cape with a face full of gelato. seriously, it’s the best to be fearless enough to embrace your inner superhero with your outfit just to head out for gelto!

  26. Gabi

    My favorite captured moment this summer is a photo of my husband and my daughter cuddling outside in the morning during our tent camping. Both of them were in their pj’s, with a messy hair and the photo is even blurry but the looks on their faces were priceless, so full of love and that’s why I treasure this photo.

  27. Chris

    My favorite moments that I captured this summer were my daughter wizzing around on her bike like a pro – she’s 4! and some awesome cloud formations during a break in a thunderstorm.

  28. Anna

    I pulled off the road to take picture of the gorgeous clouds over New Mexico.
    As I now have to drive across the state every week, I am plotting the stops I will make to take more shots.

  29. nina

    Amazing, amazing bag! My favorite moment was capturing my 13-year-old making rainbows with the water hose — there’s still a little boy in there!

  30. Katharina

    I love these gorgeous bags! And turquoise is especially vibrant-love it!
    My favorite picture of the summer was of purple hydrangea coming up in my front yard. I was actually in a rush that morning, but when I saw the beauty of the flowers, I had to run back in to grab my camera and get a few shots. So happy I did.

  31. wen

    favorite summer capture: sailing away from monte carlo — it was an amazing evening.

  32. Tytia

    Outdoor bath time with my three and a half year old. Man did he have fun!

  33. Sarah

    Its so hard to choose! This summer has been full of beautiful photos….I’ll say my favorite photo *today* is one I took while at my cousin’s wedding this past weekend. Its a close up photo of my Uncle, the Father of the Bride, holding his leather, monogramed flask. It was filled with dandelion wine. Of course, usually he doesn’t carry a flask, but he is planning on saying something later and it’ll be easier if he’s just a little bit drunk. He’s beaming, and already a little choked up and he hasn’t even seen his daughter yet! I tell him I saw her and she’s beautiful.
    “Of course, all brides are beautiful. Its just, this one is my daughter,” he says and his voice breaks with emotion.

  34. dani

    Probably any photo from my trip to New York last month – especially the evening ones because or always had such a hard time making night shots work.

  35. jacqueline

    My daughter was sweet enough to put on a Clifford the Dog costume for an event in our small downtown. It was over 100 degrees and she was so hot, but the kids were just over the moon at seeing Clifford the Big Red Dog. The moment was her holding a balloon that one little girl brought to Clifford – and I can see my daughters eyes through the mesh and she is so touched by the sweetness of this moment. Love in action.

  36. Jeannine Q

    My five year old has been cracking me up this summer. I’ve been having fun snapping pictures of his beautiful face.

  37. Kate

    My favorite photo this summer was taken at my niece’s wedding. As she walked down the aisle, I was just snapping photos and hoping to get something in frame. I caught a close up of the side of her smiling, glowing face perfectly. It was wonderful seeing her so happy and capturing that on “film” was a great bonus. Love the Epiphanie bag, BTW. Especially in that gorgeous blue and green!

  38. Julie

    Stunning bags! I captured the last days at our old house and the first days in our new house. Bittersweet memories.

  39. Juliene F.

    Nice1 Thanks for the chance! My favorite moment I captured this summer was my baby trying solids for the first time – cute, funny, and heartwarming all at once =)

  40. Novice Wife

    Is it cheating to say that I’m hoping the picture will be from this upcoming weekend when I’m going on my first-ever roadtrip???
    Oh, ok, in that case, picture of the hubster sunning on the beach drinking a margarita.

  41. Ashley

    Shoot… this is a re-type after a posting error at my first attempt!
    Summer came late on the West Coast of BC this year… So when the warm sunny weather finally arrived we took a stroll down the beach to discover the sweetest spot on the Coast. Once arrived, you felt so energized by the waves, the long stretch of sand and the sun on your face… it was like Summer had been with us all along!
    My fave moment:
    I captured “my ideal” Summer in these photos. The first one, to me, is the epitome of Summer on the West Coast 🙂

  42. Rachel B

    Oh my these bags are cute.
    My favorite moment this summer has to be my 4 year old son riding his bike without training wheels. I couldn’t believe it, then I ran inside, grabbed my camera and snapped away. I seriously wanted to remember that moment in photos. The smile on his face, the pride in his eyes, the “woohoo” in his voice. Just so awesome!

  43. Nicole

    The kids at the AZ stateline. We just moved here this summer on this big adventure and I had this image in my head of the kids standing by the Welcome to Arizona sign as sort of the symbol of everything new in front of us. But all 3 were asleep in the backseat and I so wanted the picture, but I couldn’t bring myself to wake the sleeping kids. So my pic at the stateline is not the one I had imagined, but a pic of all 3 snoozing in their car seats turned out to be more precious anyway.

  44. Jen

    I was at the North Carolina Arboretum with my husband and son this summer and got the best shots of them on a bench next to me. Their faces filled the frame, and they were laughing hysterically. My husband was kissing my son’s cheeks like a crazy person, causing Jack to giggle and squidge up his eyes with joy. Some of my new favorite photographs of them are out of that set. They may be a bit “flawed” but they capture the love between father and son perfectly!

  45. Christiane

    The North sea in turmoil just before a thunderstorm.

  46. jenn

    My favorite moment captured this summer was on a Europe trip we took. We went to Whitby abbey which was built in the 900’s. I was able to get a group of students on a study abroad program together for a great “jump” shot with the abbey behind them. It was so much fun seeing and hearing the joy they all had doing the jump shots.

  47. Veronica

    Two favorite moments: 1st was my newborn nephew. My favorite photo of him was actually taken with my phone at the hospital. 2nd was my husband’s and my first trip to Hawaii. Got some amazing photos of the waves crashing against the cliffs at Kapalua.

  48. Dreadpiraterach

    Man I love Epiphanie Bags!
    Fave capture of the summer (incidentally I can’t quite believe it’s over) was of a group of friends at one of our birthdays, laughing and looking really happy in their skin and with each other. Joy.

  49. erin

    My favorite moment was of my son and I playing at the zoo together holding out the camera and laughing. A precious time frozen forever.

  50. jenn

    LOVE the bags. A favorite moment was when my 2-year old was running madly around the back-yard with her crazy pigtails just enjoying the lovely day.

  51. Joanna

    One of my favorite moments was watching my baby boy pick ripe radishes from my mother’s vegetable garden. The photos were brilliant, and it was such a fun memory to capture.

  52. Heathir

    I think my favorite captured moment was the first time my son floated on his back during swim lessons.

  53. Amelia from Flux Capacitating

    LOVE these bags, high on the covet list. My favorite moment that I captured this summer is broadly defined as ‘my son’–always, but your question made me pause and think about my very favorite picture of him and it has to be a shot of him laughing with infectious 2 year old abandon while swinging at the park. He looks so thrilled to be alive, it’s hard not to stare. Thanks for hosting!! xo

  54. Kimberly

    Definitely one of my favorite moments was playing out in the rain with my husband and son. The light was perfect and the rain was gentle. It ended in a double rainbow. Amazing summer evening.

  55. Jenni

    My favorite moment was just last weekend… my pregnant belly and happy smile as I readied for a summer bike ride.

  56. Laura

    Capturing a photo of a large, belled white cow in the Pyrenees mountains was my favorite moment of summer.

  57. Barb

    Just this past weekend, my husband’s grandfather was honored at our hometown’s baseball stadium. He was a POW in the Korean War and is now in a nursing home fighting to breathe. Our uncles represented him on the field and our grandfather’s best friend since he entered his first camp threw out the first pitch. I was able to catch the first pitch, the immensely proud expressions on the family’s faces and also many shots of our flag with the POW flag. So proud to be in this family.

  58. Francine

    One of my favourite moments had to be capturing my 2 year old son swinging, which he loves to do. It was a moment of pure unadulterated joy!

  59. elaine

    my 9 y/o daughter at circus camp-they put on a show at the end of camp and she is SUCH a performer and i loved seeing her energized by being on stage!

  60. DeAnne Olguin Williamson

    I really enjoyed looking for and capturing color this summer. But my all time favorite shot has to be of my son during magic hour as I caught him mid-air jumping into the ocean.

  61. Laura

    My 10-year-old nephew, all shy and speechless (a first!) when meeting one of the Chicago Blackhawks player that he loves.

  62. Anjali

    This has been a summer of keeping my camera close by at EVERY moment, as I gave birth to my first child, Liam, this June. There are so many to choose from, but I think my favorite moment that I captured was one of his first sweet smiles during the first week there were social smiles! Now they’re more frequent, and just as joyful, but I’ll never forget the way my heart lifted up that time when the corners of his mouth turned up, and I captured it! I think I look at that photo at least once a day, if not more, since I took it!

  63. Dunja

    The favourite capture this summer for me was a photo of my friends during sunset on a rocky beach on the island of Vis, Croatia, after searching for shellfish in the shallow water.
    btw, the bag is superb!

  64. Nailah

    Yeah! I love these bags.
    Fav. summer photo op: Taking a picture of my very tall friend (she is 6’3″) who was dwarfed by my even taller friend (he’s prob around 6’5″) who was then dwarfed by a stranger (he had to be 6’7″) who agreed to jump in the picture. But then the all looked short in comparison to Cristo Redentor in the background (the big Jesus statue that watches over Rio de Janeiro).

  65. CoraD

    Love! Thank you!
    My favorite moments captured on digital film this summer:
    – My 2 year old feeding the ducks with her Grandpa and Great Uncle
    – My infant being held by my mom
    – My 2 year old and husband laying side by side on the couch
    – My Grandma holding my infant
    – My new-to-me Mini Cooper

  66. Mel

    That is a great photo of Karen.
    My favourite moment captured on camera must have been when I met my uncle and his family for the very first time in my life. I have never met my mother and since he is my mother’s brother I had never met him. When he contacted me about 13 months ago it was like a punch in the stomach at first but when I finally met him, it was nice, nice people and we had a lovely time. I took their portraits and spent the evening searching their faces for parts of me. I am almost 40 and hardly any family left apart from my own husband and child… so this was huge. Plus they gifted me a photo album of family photos going back 4 generations.
    Photos have such power. So grateful to have photography in my life.

  67. shaina longstreet

    I am so excited about this!! I’ve loved those bags since I first saw them and would love to win. 🙂
    My favorite moment I captured this summer was my best friend’s wedding. And my favorite image is actually from the rehearsal the night before the wedding…she walked to her spot and looked up at her almost husband and just had this contented look on her face. i started crying right there. one of my favorite images ever.
    thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  68. beth

    There was one of the mornings that I woke up early and my son was away at circus camp. I saw my husband sleeping and I thought “This, I must capture this.” I took the SuperHero Photo course and this remains one of my favorite shots.
    Hooray for cameras and the images that we collect. It’s like having a visual collection equivalent to a button box that I revisit over and over, letting them run though my fingers.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous bag, modeled by an equally fabulous photographer.

  69. tawnya

    Last night. Def Leppard concert with the best of friends. We’d been planning and looking forward to it all summer!

  70. Britta

    My husband at our wedding – modeling his wedding band for me… 😉

  71. karen

    my favorite moment was capturing my older son reading to my little one.

  72. Alyssa

    my favorite images of the summer are of my 3 year old covered in paint, making his art. Top pick is one of just his bare legs and feet with much evidence of that art-makin’

  73. Megan

    I’ve been lusting after this bag in turquoise! Great giveaway!
    The best thing I captured this summer were the fireworks on the 4th of July. I finally figured out how to catch them how I wanted them on my DLSR — glittery plumes of light on their way down from the sky.

  74. megbrothers

    love this bag!!
    a fave moment i’ve captured is a sweet smile on my 10 week old son’s face. this has been my greatest summer filled with joy as i became a mom for the first time. i’ve fallen deeply in love this summer.

  75. ememby

    I caught a picture of my two-year-old waving a plastic golf club around and mid-swing, with a look of concentration, he looks like he’s bending it with his Jedi mind tricks.

  76. John Mark

    got some great silly shots of our 2nd born one random night on the front porch after supper

  77. Megan

    Photos of my new house! Woooo!

  78. Amy

    I shot pics of my feral cat gang (my neighbors and I are caregivers to a family of 5 – all fixed and healthy) and although they are less-than-feral with us, they are still elusive. I got a good one of my girl Nigella relaxing with her signature curling tail. So sweet.

  79. Jessica

    I took a shot of my son standing in a little lake near our house. He has the most amazing Coppertone tan and curly blonde surfer hair.

  80. Krista

    Ohhhh, I’ve been oggling this bag for ages!
    One of my favourite photographic moments was playing in the golden hour with different points of view like getting down on the ground. I was prompted to do this because I was part of the Superhero summer photo e-course. I got a couple of my stray cat, Dante, that I just love. Here is one:

  81. Teresa E. :)

    Wow, what a prize! My favorite moment I captured this summer was the moment that we pulled my sopping-wet dog out of the river (after he had jumped out of the boat). His look of misery at being wet cracks me up every time I look at it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  82. Jeannine

    My favorite photo from this summer was of my grandson who we took to the beach for the first time. I was so excited to share my love of the beach with him and how much he enjoyed being there. The particular photo is of him playing in the sand but his smile and the way he is holding himself is amazing because you can see family traits that I don’t normally notice.
    Love it!

  83. Carolyn

    Because I took the first ever Superhero Photo class this summer, I took a lot of pictures on my family road trip. One of my favorite moments came when we pulled over at a small beach and walked out into the warm waters of Lake Superior. Remembering one of my assignments, I asked my husband and daughter to jump in the air from the sandbar where we were standing. Some of my favorite photos came from those brief moments.
    After many years of holding back, I’m finally sharing my website.

  84. jenna

    Just 2 days ago, actually. The birth of beautiful twin boys.

  85. Sheena

    two of my favorite little human beings climbing trees 🙂 such a beautiful bag!

  86. Shannon

    My absolute favourite moment was capturing the very first smile of one of my best friends’ new born baby son, as we all burst into tears at how precious he is. 🙂

  87. Joy

    a picture of my kids (1 & 3) in the kiddie pool. perfect summer day.

  88. MS

    This one photo of my two closest friends lost in some conversation, totally unaware of me taking their picture. The setting is perfect without any human intervention; rustic wood table overflowing with food that we three had cooked that afternoon , the overgrown shady magnolia tree, the most beautiful light filtering through- a picture of calm comforts of summer.

  89. isabella rose

    Yeah! I love these bags! Strangely, one of my fav pics this summer was taken yesterday of kids i do not even know! I was trying to get shots of my own kids on one of those super-fast roller coaster rides and got lots of random stranger shots. This particular one is of three young girls, screaming, hair-flying, all smiles and doing the “i am trying to defy gravity and get away from you” moves. So cute. Love it!

  90. Sarahbeth

    My touch has been by me during baby naps and baby shouts of joy. Fav pic is my husband before coffee, holding baby who’s sticking her tongue out shrieking w happiness.

  91. Stephanie

    I actually caught my 8 year old son asleep with one of our newly adopted pound puppies on the couch, specifically after I told him I don’t want the dogs on the furniture! Needless to say, it was hopeless trying to keep them off, so now they are regular furniture inhabiters.

  92. Karen

    My big bold move to Chapel Hill with my hubs and 2 daughters!

  93. Rebecca

    hanging with my 2-year-old nephew and my 10-month-old baby, both naked, on the porch of our rented Boulder, Co, house, while my 4-year-old boy played tirelessly with plastic insects and I painted my toenails red. the Boulder walking tour went by, and the two women sweating it out in the 95 degree heat waved at us.

  94. celeste

    love so many moments with a three year old. today he was letting me know his toes were attached to his body. he’s the best.


    dear andrea, i just feel so near to you, i like your honest way, that not every moment in life is beautiful and perfect-but still we are in the best ways we could live and be with our children-i love the way how you speak about it…that is really good!
    i am a psychiatrist-i worked over 17 years in acut psychiatry, i met al lot of people, i worked also with torture victims , but i decided to change something in my life and i want to make new experiences also in creative nature- i think it would be a good inspiration an waykeeper to get the bag…i did some nice fotos with my son when we where at “urnatur”, one of the nicest places where i have been in sweden…we did “woofen”, world wide organic farming on one of the nicest place in the world!
    just there is my son, happy 13 year old…..with this beauty, i just admire…..ute

  96. evelyn goettner

    My favorite moment was capturing a picture of all 3 of my kids smiling at the same time in a photo. That never happens lol

  97. Kayla

    I was able to capture my family around the fire making and eating smores! Love the images of my 2.5 yr old twin boys all sticky and cover in smores. Thank you for the opportunity to win 😉

  98. Gerri

    I was on the telephone finding out that my Uncle had just passed. My son runs in the house to tell me there was a rainbow outside. I captured it and of course made sure to get one of my son “Noah” in a shot too. 😉

  99. Amanda H.

    My favorite moment that I captured this summer was a photo of my 3 year old son and my husband walking together at the state forest. I would love to win this bag!

  100. deezee

    Getting to reconnect with a childhood friend when I shot headshots of her 5 yr old boy as we explored Venice Beach. Brought back memories of our time together as elementary school kids. Her boy is gorgeous and sweet and the camera loves him.

  101. Kirsten

    My favorite moment that I captured this summer was when we went tubing on the river in Blacksburg, VA. I took lots of pictures, because it was just so beautiful and we were having so much fun! It is the cleanest, warmest river I’ve ever been in and I can’t wait to go back! P.S. You get to tube down rapids, too, how cool is that?! 🙂
    Good luck everyone!

  102. Jess Cadena

    My little guy, Bradley is 5 years old and by far the hardest subject I’ve ever attempted photographing. I get a LOT of goofy smiles, karate chops, and retreat. After many attempts of trying to get a perfect portrait of him smiling and being “normal”, I’ve finally come to my senses and remembered why I fell in love with photography. Not for perfection, but to freeze an exact moment. To cherish it years from now.
    I love him more than words can express. He’s my oldest baby and he started Kindergarten 2 weeks ago. Favorite colors are Green and Red. Just lost his first tooth this summer. LOVES StarWars and dressing up as his favorite Super Heroes. His personality is hard core energy, but inside that rambunctious body, he’s got a heart of gold. If someone is hurting, he hurts. Something like a “fixer upper”. Mr. Helper.
    I desperately wanted something new of him before he starts school. Instead of fighting him to dress in clothes I chose, and forcing him to do what I wanted, I let him be him. It’s goofy, fun and shows every bit of his awesomeness! So he decided on what he wanted for his little photo shoot, I threw in my ideas and together we drew out a fun little them of StarWars and we had a blast together. It was much needed one-on-one time with my big boy and I have something that shows every bit of who he is<3
    I blogged about it here with photos: http://jesscadena.com/2011/08/child-photographer-starwars-super-heroes/

  103. Corry heinricks

    I captured my teenage/almost adult kids just before they took off down the highest zipline in north America, a nervous thrill of fear, anticipation and pride as I watched them sail over the deep canyon with only the cable holding them. Cool

  104. Rhonda Gebhart

    I am a photographer that just started my own small business just a year ago! I shoot nearly everyday because I sooooo love it! My favorite it to capture the emotions of others. The other day I had a family photo shoot and the two year old girl did not want her picture taken. She was screaming and crying and just being a real brat if I say so myself~! All of the sudden she went over to her Mom and hugged her bigger then life~! I caught it on camera and the emotion I seen in that beautiful picture was fear (of me) and the Love and trust that she had for her momma~! Thanks for allowing me to share! This is awesome!!!

  105. Shelley

    Loving that turquoise bag! My favorite photo?… My mother at a local tulip festival. I almost lost her last month so she’s on my mind.

  106. Sara P

    My favorite moment was on a Family session, this beauitful family walking hand in hand smiling and laughing while the sun broke thru the trees behind them perfectly. The picture says to me that no matter what happens to this family in the future they will be able to look at this picture and remember pure happiness.

  107. Roberta

    My favorite moment I captured was on our first camping trip as a whole family. My daughter (2) has never been camping and our son (4) was younger than her the one time he has been. We were camping near a lake and we visited it one morning. I got a picture of the kids and their Daddy all throwing rocks in…it will always remind me of our little adventure!

  108. Misty

    This summer, I have been taking pictures of all of our sidewalk chalk creations. So silly! I never get tired of it though. My three year old gets so sad when our creations are washed away by sprinklers and rain- taking photos helps preserve them so she can see them again.

  109. Sonia Steinbach

    I had the chance of capturing an event that happened at a wedding in Montana….the Grandpa presented the Bride & Groom with a surprise getaway car, a turquoise convertible Shelby Mustang. Of course it was the most exciting thing! While we were following them in our own car…grandpa got to the mustang (with the top down) while the Bride & Groom sat on the top of the car in the back. The Bride & Groom were holding onto each other and all of a sudden they are falling off the back of the Mustang. The Bride & Groom were okay….and later wanted to see this shot that we captured of them falling off the car…everyone had a great laugh and they were so happy that we captured it, and it still makes a great story. 🙂

  110. petersonclan

    I would love that turquoise bag. My favorite moment was capturing my children’s awe at watching a butterfly hatching out of a cocoon.

  111. Cairith

    My favorite captured moment was actually just yesterday. My oldest son had pulled the mattress off the the bed slats were a mess and I WAS LIVID. Two slats were stuck and well I kicked them all out of the room so I could fix it…my two youngest went to the living room and the oldest was sent to his room. When I came out of the bed room I saw a grocery bun upside down, covered with food (plastic) and tea party ware.there were 2 childrens chairs pulled up tight to it. My daughter who is 4 set it up for my littlest who is a boy and 2. They were having a tea party and it warmed my heart to see them conversing over coffee, tea and plastic pizza.

  112. Rachelle

    My favorite moment captured was my daughter and son splashing through the waves in Daytona each – – the absolute trust, the sheer joy on their faces, the action frozen – – all things I treasure.

  113. Kirsten

    Oh, I’ve been drooling over Epiphanie bags for a while! My favorite captured moment this summer was of my son with our neighbor’s barn kittens. He’s been visiting them daily and loving on them all summer! He is so gentle and sweet with them. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  114. Jill McVicar

    One of my favourite moments captured this summer was at a local jazz festival. The stars aligned and the lighting was perfect and I shot some pics of a local jazz singer who is hitting it big!

  115. britanee walker

    oh i love that bag! my favorite moment captured was when my baby was born. i captured alot of moments with her so that none of us would forget!

  116. Tami Pfeifer

    This summer my fav moment was taking newborn pictures of my dear friend’s baby. Her and her husband have had a long journey in getting pregnant. Being able to take photos of the new life in their eager arms with their wide smiles was bliss!

  117. britanee walker

    i love epiphanie bags! my memorable moment captured was when my daughter was born.

  118. Heather Gunn

    My most memorable moment was when my daughter took her first steps just shortly after her first birthday!!

  119. Jill

    My favorite moment that I captured was my boys’ relaxing in the pool on vacation.

  120. Melody

    My most memorable moment this summer was capturing my best friend try on wedding dresses!!

  121. Jen

    My favorite moment was capturing Vince Gill @ the Grand Ole Opry celebrating 20 years as an Opry member. It was a show that I will never ever forget!

  122. Monique

    The best moment in the summer was a kiss from my boyfriend! Simple moments are the Best! I want this BAG!!!!ahhhhh :DDDD

  123. Mary

    My favorite moment from this year was capturing a picture of my husband who’s 62, meeting his aunt, who lives in Australia for the first time. Thanks for the great opportunity to win something and for your great blog. You truly imspire me.

  124. Amanda Capps

    my favorite image captured this year is of my husband praying with our youngest, she was in her footie pajamas and she was all curled up in the safety of his arms – it was beautiful~

  125. Erin N.

    My favorite captured moments are any with my big dog, or my little kitty.

  126. Meredith Sledge

    Gosh, there are so many!! But if I had to choose one, I would say the picture I took of a giant, immaculate spiderweb with the morning sun glinting off of it. It was stunning and I was in absolute awe at the beauty of that web and how spiders weave such a thing.
    P.S. I have been wanting this Epiphanie for a while now and would legit cry from excitement if I won. Just throwing that little piece of info out there. 😀 I LOVE THIS BAG.

  127. Mareshia

    My favorite moment this summer was when my 6 month old daughters laughed because we were playing peek a boo

  128. Rana

    Favourite moment I have captured – so many, but the one that makes my heart sing the most is when my 3 older children 14, 12 & 10 met their newborn brother. I didn’t capture the initial meeting as he was born into my arms at home (someone else captured them for me) but the photos I took that 1st day are so love filled. My fav is of my 14 yr old sone holding his newborn brother with so much love and care <3

  129. elizabeth

    I actually took a ton of photos this summer…..my favorite is one I took of the Quechee covered bridge in Vermont. It was washed away during Hurricane Irene, last week, so I’ll cherish that photo and the memory of being in that space for the rest of my life.

  130. {sue}

    I (sadly) don’t have an iPhone and am totally jealous of the Instagram and Hipstamtic apps. So I figured out how to change the settings on my phone and took some gorgeous sepia pictures of my daughter on a swing with sunbursts through the trees behind her. It was her last day of being 5… a special bittersweet day, the mood of which I was able to capture with my lil ole cellphone.

  131. kelly

    My 10 year old niece that is changing from a little girl to the words i dare not say… a young woman

  132. Julia Gabriel

    Favorite moment captured this summer would have to be my older Daughter giving her little sister a piggy back ride while we Geocached in Old Quebec! It’s frame worthy!

  133. jackie b.

    This summer I caught a blue heron catching a fish on a foggy morning in Maine, my best friend’s kids getting excited about the 4th of July parade, and a young osprey during one of it’s first ventures from the nest!
    Gorgeous bags!

  134. Karma

    I captured a gorgeous rainbow over an island on my vacation this summer. It had the added bonus of having my family near by and my teenaged daughters actually being nice to each other!

  135. Raimi

    Favortie moment captured was of my son, Carter. Carter and his Little League, All Star team won the N. California State Championship title this Summer. It is as far as the 10 year old team can go and they won the whole thing (out of 350 other teams). The most exciting part for my boy was when he hit 2 homeruns(1st and 3rd innings) in the final state game. It was a proud Mommy moment for sure. We are still flying high from that experince. Thanks for the chance.

  136. Terra

    My son walking through the spray park for the first time. I was such a proud mama.

  137. Raimi

    Favortie moment captured was of my son, Carter. Carter and his Little League, All Star team won the N. California State Championship title this Summer. It is as far as the 10 year old team can go and they won the whole thing (out of 350 other teams). The most exciting part for my boy was when he hit 2 homeruns(1st and 3rd innings) in the final state game. It was a proud Mommy moment for sure. We are still flying high from that experince. Thanks for the chance.

  138. Jessie Lucas

    I captured such a cute shot of the my girls and their cousins. We call them our “6 pack”. It makes me smile every time I see it 🙂 << that is me smiling again!

  139. Cindy LaMar

    The moment I captured this summer that means the most to me is a shot of my two year old Grandson socking himself with the garden hose he was plsying with. The look on his face is pricless.

  140. bina

    The half sisters to my three children got to come to Cali to visit with each other for the first time…was absolutely amazing!

  141. Devan

    My fav shot from this summer is of my two girls atop our new horse for the first time. Pure joy! 🙂

  142. bina

    The half sisters to my three children got to come to Cali to visit with each other for the first time…was absolutely amazing!

  143. Carrie

    Using my Instax, I took a credit card sized photo of my gorgeous twin two year old nephews dressed in matching red tshirts & khakis, with binkys in place & blankies clutched, a pair of big beautiful blue eyes and the most handsome bodacious brown eyes staring up at me lovingly, while DOWNSTAIRS at my brothers. It’s usually a no no to have such items outside of their bedrooms upstairs, which makes the photo ALL the more awesometastic!! It’s one of my most cherished possessions and I take it with me everywhere. But shhh… it’s a secret photo… ; )

  144. Jennifer

    This summer I was able to capture both my son’s and my nephews first visit to the beach. We were supposed to watch the space shuttle launch, but it was scrapped. The beach was an awesome memory regardless.

  145. Erika Ulloa

    My all time favorite moment I captured this summer was of a 5 generation portrait. It was of Great Great Grandma holding the newest family member 3 month old Ryleigh, I had Great Grandma, Grandma and Mommy all looking down at the pair. It was the most beautiful moment that I’ve ever been a part of. Loved the whole family as well as little Ryleigh.

  146. Marie

    I took pictures of my 2 kids having fun!!

  147. cindy

    Gorgeous bags! My favorite moment that I captured this summer was on the 4th of July. It was a super hot day and the firefighters decided to spray all of the neighborhood kids to cool them down. Such excitement and joy in all of those kids faces! I look at that photo any time I need to remember what pure joy looks like!

  148. Karol

    Favorite moment captured was taking pictures of my older brother (55) doing flips off my diving board and then doing jump competitions with all the kids at the pool.

  149. Jennifer Patrick

    I captured a beautiful moment when my two kids were playing on the beach.

  150. Linda

    My favorite photo moment this summer was a photo of me, my daughters and their husbands at the summit of Lembert Dome in Yosemite Park. We hiked it together and had a great time. Unfortunately, moments after it was taken, I fell and broke my wrist bringing my photography (and hiking) to a screeching halt for a while!

  151. Kelly W

    I captured the sights of NYC!

  152. Jen P

    my favorite photo that i took this summer is one of my 18 month old niece playing in the water at the beach.

  153. Din T

    My favorite moment I captured this summer was of the group of youth from our church working in a small community doing work projects.

  154. Kali Placencia

    My favorite moment this summer was doing a probono session for the Kids Fit Foundation and getting to meet Dan and Kathy from the Biggest Loser Show. It felt awesome helping a good cause and meeting new people!!!

  155. Margie Visnick

    My favorite capture fom this summer is one that I took of my daughter playing in my tomato cages!

  156. Neve

    My favourite capture of the summer was spending a night outdoors at a lake in the Rocky Mountains, watching a meteor shower and snuggling with my new husband under a sleeping bag. The photo was taken at 3am: a shot of the lake, mountains and a full moon. It was surreal.

  157. Lori L.

    My favorite moment I captured this summer was my daughter getting to surf for the first time. It was a fun day for our whole family, but especially memorable for her. 🙂

  158. Jessica Nunemaker from little Indiana

    My favorite capture was of the neighborhood kids and grown-ups at our annual block party and circus.
    Each year, the grandkids of a neighbor visit “grandma” and, since they are part of a circus club, they get all the kids involved in putting on a great show.
    They juggle, do the unicycle, all sorts of stuff! It’s tons of fun–and everyone gets a chance to perform–and try out the stuff afterward.
    Of course, everyone brings in a side dish or a dessert. Lots of food! It’s such a good time. Nothing else says “summer” quite like our neighborhood circus!
    jessicanunemaker at littleindiana dot com

  159. stephanie

    I captured some great photos at the Great Lakes Medieval Festival. I especially love the ones with my daughter& her friends in their elf ears.

  160. Holly

    A trip to mtns with my best friend from 4th grade on and our baby / toddler (hadn’t met eachothers babe yet!) photos of them connecting will be so special forever!

  161. Karol

    My favorite summer moment captured was taking pictures of my older brother (55) doing flips off my diving board and taking pictures of the jumping competition with all the kids at the pool.

  162. Athena

    My favorite shot of the summer was my daughter and her friend – they’re sitting right on the shore of the gulf looking so small while the ocean looms behind them.

  163. Mayts

    I love capturing my 3 year old conquering her fear and rediscovering her love of swimming. Truly awesome parenting moment and life lesson for her.

  164. Gayle Shrader

    My favorite thing I photographed this summer was taken tonight! My 4 year old daughter learned how to ride her bike with no training wheels today! So proud of her!

  165. Christine

    I got a great shot of myself in our kiddie pool sucking on a red white and blue bomb pop!

  166. Annie Samuels

    I captured my blind Labrador retriever happily swimmng just as she used to when she wasn’t blind. I could swear she had a smile on her face.

  167. Katherine

    My favorite moment I captured was just a day at the beach with my coworker and friend, Andrea. It was two hours before sunset and I got a great shot of her lifting her arms and looking up at the sky.

  168. laura

    My best photo this summer would be our new puppy sitting with our dog. Our fur-babies since B went to college!

  169. Starrlife

    Someday I Will win one of these lovely bags (or save my money and buy one). My fav captured moment this summer is my husband stretching his hand out from the dam falls at one of our fav swimming holes to grasp my daughters hand, inviting her under as the water streamed around him. I was so happy with it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  170. Phyllis

    My favorite moment I captured this summer was of a bicycle race my son and I went to in Colorado. Love my Nikon!

  171. Crystal

    We moved, and thus, drove across Canada this summer. Though I feared we might kill each other, I feel closer than ever to my fiance. About halfway through the trek, we stayed the night in ‘The Soo’ and on an afternoon walk, I snapped a photo of him making the moves on a local mascot.

  172. Natalie

    This summer I was lucky enough to go to the zoo for the first time, and was able to take pictures of some of the amazing animals that were there! My absolute favourite was a picture I took of a peafowl!
    Thanks for the contest!

  173. Shannon

    My favorite photo moment this summer was an off-center close up of one of my boys that shows the freckles across the bridge of his nose and his beautiful hazel eyes..things I don’t get to see very often because he never sits still for long enough!

  174. Jennifer Hagedorn Dizon

    A birthday, dolphin watching with my favorite boy in the whole world… 🙂

  175. Melissa

    My little girl at the beach! She loves the ocean and it was great to see her so excited!

  176. Carolyn k

    My daughter jumping off the divingboard by herself for the first time!

  177. gizella

    today *is* my lucky day, its my birthday! My favorite picture this summer was a mistake, I tried to get my daughter smiling at the camera, but all I got was her hair blowing in the wind and the nape of her neck. Gorgeous

  178. Megan Haroldsen

    Favorite photo by FAR was getting a shot of our baby girl wearing a pink lace romper and laughing on a Florida beach. Sooo cute, and something I never want to forget.
    Love these bags!
    Megan H.

  179. Belinda

    I love photographing bugs, insects and spiders. As you can imagine, it’s somewhat difficult to get them to pose willingly, let alone specifically. My favorite spider is the crab spider, but they are notoriously shy (and hard to spot, as they can change color to camouflage themselves) and tend to hide on the underside of their flower when they see my macro lens approaching. I’ve been trying for years to get The Perfect Shot of a crab spider, re. location and stance. This summer, I finally succeeded! Behold His Majesty poised on the high dive: http://photocoyote.com/index.php?showimage=183

  180. Annie

    My favorite moment this summer was taking a photo of my dad and my little girl playing in the snow in the Mountains in July. It was 96 degrees back home so it was extra fun. Now when ever my one year old looks at that picture she says “papa snow cold”.

  181. Lisa Dion

    My favorite photo was of my family on the beach at sunset. It was such a great time!

  182. Lori Moon

    My favorite moment was just Saturday. It had rained, pre hurricane Irene in NYC rain, and I thought that I could get in a few shots before the heavy rains came. I went prepared with plastic bags to keep my equipment dry. I shot beautiful flowers, wet with rain. The best part is that it absolutely poured on me and kept shooting. Wet, soaked, and completely happy. A few of my shots that day are on my blog. Had I stayed inside I never would gotten the shot nor would I have had so much fun!

  183. jen

    favorite shot this summer was of my little girls embraced in a spontaneous hug with lots of sun flare!

  184. Ginger Watson

    My favorite shot this summer was of my daughter laughing as she fed a dolphin at Seaworld – the image mirrored one of me at her age feeding dolphins.

  185. Olga Fuller

    I think it would be capturing the LOVE of my sister and her new husband on their wedding day. They were just GLOWING with love the whole time, like two fireflies in the night.

  186. Olga Fuller

    I think it would be capturing the LOVE of my sister and her new husband on their wedding day. They were just GLOWING with love the whole time, like two fireflies in the night.

  187. Lisa F

    A favorite moment was capturing a picture of myself and my newborn son not long after returning home from the hospital. I was breastfeeding him in bed which is where I spent a lot of time initially. My son was content tucked along side me and I captured this look on my face which was a combination of exhaustion and pure bliss. Others had told me how they miss even the middle of the night feedings–I now understand!

  188. Juliann

    When I was in Uganda this summer, I snapped a photo of two school girls walking away with my daughter, all three holding hands. It was our first day and it set the tone for the work we would be doing and will be a memory I will hold for a long time.

  189. melissa

    thank you for this exquisite and scrumptious offering. a favorite moment captured this summer…my daughter’s smile, seconds before her first top tooth came out…and moments of communion in nature, especially with beloved trees.

  190. Deanna

    I love it!
    My fav moment that I captured this summer was taking a portrait of a friend of mine that has never been photographed. She was so surprised I asked her, she’s gorgeous! It was such an easy photo session and the result was amazing.
    I sent her a DVD and suggested she model a bit if she had any interest. She is off to college and it might be a fun way for her to meet people and make a bit of extra cash in her new town.
    Thanks for this, I love your contests : )

  191. Sarah W.

    OOooh, I’ve been dreaming of one of Maile’s bags forever….
    My favorite moment this summer was when my husband and I took Caltrain up to SF for a random day exploring…we took Muni (which I’m not so experienced on) and we took photobooth pics in the Musee Mechanique (of course, I haven’t scanned those in!) but we wander like tourists through Fisherman’s Wharf.

  192. Emily

    a sweet pic of my daughter giving her little cousin a kiss. (they are 15 months and 8 months old, respectively)

  193. Tracey (sparkyd)

    I can’t pick a favourite picture from the summer. Too many thanks to the first Superhero Photo course! I did have a lot of fun catching my little boys running towards me in the sunshine with looks of pure joy and love for each other on their faces. Precious.

    And I really, really, really, want an epiphanie bag!!

  194. Sarah

    I caught my husband and 4 year old son sharing a quiet hug at our local botanical gardens. One of my favorite photographs this year so far.

  195. Maria

    My favorite moment this summer that I took was moving into a wonderful new home with my family. We had been anticipating forever this moment and seeing my parents overwhelmed was something I enjoyed capturing with my camera. It was great.

    p.s. this might be a repost because my computer is acting up. sorry if you see two comments from me!

  196. Pippin Schupbach

    My favorite moment this summer was during my wedding ceremony. My niece (flower girl) was telling/demanding my nephew (ring bearer)to please give her my bouquet, because they were too big for him, plus boys are not suppose to hold flowers. They had a little argument during one of our readings, which my nephew was by god going to hold on to my flowers. Everyone was laughing. You can see the moment caught film at my blog.



  197. michelle

    love this bag!! so cute! I love capturing my daughter as she’s grown this summer! My favorite has to be when my husband showed her how to lay in the grass and stare at clouds. she loved it!

  198. Lisa

    I love turquoise and this bag is so cute. My favorite moment captured was the recent picture I took with my husband and daughter. We never take pictures together, and it made me realize we need to do it more.

  199. Adele

    The summer for me has been a complete blur.. i almost feel like it slipped by me. For the past 9months i have been living and travelling in a beat up, retro orange, VW van in south america.. I have been fortunate enough to have a year to do an extraordinary exploration off the beaten track, starting in Chile (where we purchased ‘Betsy’) down to the southern most tip in Ushuaia and back up following the west coast to reach our final destination in Canada, Vancouver.. My dream has always been to volunteer and so spent over two months in Peru doing just that.. I’m going to be honest and say I was thinking of choose the shots taken while working with the children but what stands out for me most because living in a van hasn’t been easy, especially after seeing 32 mechanics, and with so many moments of wanting to give up, was the time we had away from the van while it was being shipped from Colombia to Panama.

    We sailed the open ocean with 6 others, plus the english captain, his wife and little baby girl. The first day we were caught in a storm with rolling waves and thunder and lightening.. I was scared and we all took to our beds to ride it out, it was dreadful.. The captain was all hands on deck and had the boat under control and by the following morning all was right with the world again.. We reached the San Blas Islands by lunch time and were soon marooned on one of the desert islands to see the night in.. It was a slice of heaven on earth and for that moment i hadn’t a worry in mind.

    A few people went back to the boat as well as the captains wife and child after dinner, but the captain stayed with us of the island. All I can say is from here, I was laughing throughout the rest of the night.. due to the captain devouring copious amounts of rum and becoming a real ‘scallywag’. Nudey swimming, pouring rum over one of his passengers heads because she had cut herself is to say a few things.. but nearly sinking us all in the dinghy in the black of night with just a sprinkle of stars illuminating the sky, out in the middle of the ocean topped it off!
    A moment of panic and knee deep in water, he assured us ‘sits fine, fine, dont worry..” and proceeded to the boat, where he took over an hour hoisting the dinghy up to drain all the water out.. My shot is taken of me waking in the early hours admiring my elusive island.. a jewel in the Caribbean, this was my favourite moment.


    It was nice to share the moment, thanks!

  200. Adele

    god, thats huge.. sorry.. 😉

  201. emcee

    My favorite moment captured was images from our new magic garden – i love every corner of it, filled with wild flowers and olive trees… 3000 square meters of nature just for us!

  202. Enyasi

    Keeping in mind that this summer in Seattle has been more like fall, my favorite moment captured in pictures thus far, was my daughter at a picnic chewing on a piece of chicken. The thing about it, I have an almost identical photo taken of me. We both have the same expression. I was introduced to the joys of picnics by my mom and now I feel honored to be carrying on the tradition. Happy I can make even a cold wet summer seem fun.

  203. Jamie K

    My husband bought me a Canon T3i for my birthday in August, along with an amazing new lens (which I am so nervous about that I REALLY need the Epiphanie bag to carry it around protected – and fashionable!).

    I used it to capture a beautiful shot of my youngest son’s first ever dive. He watched his older brother do it over and over the first two times we spent at the lake this summer; but he was scared to try. Our last trip there before school started he wanted to do it really bad. Took a while to build up the courage – but he did it (and it was great!). I caught that first dive AND the beautiful look of triumph on his face when he came up the ladder. Priceless! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  204. Beth

    Thank you Andrea – I am so looking forward to another class with you! My camera is never far from my hands – and this summer I’ve enjoyed capturing all the wonderful family moments, our garden (and mushrooms!), our big dog Mozi and our beloved state of Vermont. I have so many favorites.

    Right now the ones I love the most are:
    Jeannie and Jim flying out over the Vermont Valley on a zip-line
    The ‘giant’ mushroom
    me – attempting to fly 😉
    **my beloved Vermont covered Bridge** down from my sister’s farm in Woodstock

    since Irene devastated Vermont – my photos of our Vermont vacation this summer are most precious.

    hugs and have a wonderful weekend!

  205. Jeanne M

    What a beautiful bag! One of my favorite captures this summer is a picture of my husband taking pictures with his camera. I love seeing him indulge his creative side.

  206. Pamela

    I LOVE the color of this bag!

    My favorite photo-captured moment of this summer was getting a picture of my daughter sitting cross-legged on the bathroom counter in her pj’s (to get closer to the mirror), putting her make-up on. Now she is away at college and I miss her morning routine!

  207. Anna

    A beautiful color…. : )
    A favorit moment I captured this summer would have to be a photo I took of my kiddos playing with a stray dog that we found and took care of for a day. There is one photo where their toes are wiggling with excitement about this dog…. oh it made me laugh

  208. Lisa V

    Favorite moment wasn’t captured on film but in my mind’s eye camera…watching my tough guy husband getting into yoga. So sexy. :o)

  209. Maura

    Favorite moment captured: my daughter and my feet and toes wriggling in the grass. It was her first time experiencing it and one of my favorite photos ever. Love those chubby little feet!

  210. Melonie

    Well I captured so many amazing moments this summer. It was my first road trip with my S.O. and we went to Vancouver BC. I think the image that said it all has our two faces and the tail end of a Canadian flag all with just the sky behind us 🙂

  211. Julie

    Perfect Summer moment :: beach sunset over lake Michigan before 4th of July fireworks.

    Love love live those bags. My fingers are crossed.

  212. Michelle

    My favorite moment this summer was s shot I snapped of my niece running, arms spread into the water at the beach. It was shot at the “magic hour” late in the summer afternoon sun and it so perfectly captured summer joy, the droplets of water, and her amazing hair as she ran into the water!

  213. Renae

    Twenty minutes in the butterfly house on our way out of the zoo the other morning transformed a cranky, whiny kid who didn’t want to walk on his own into a compliant and helpful older brother who then didn’t throw the usual I-don’t-WANT-to-go-home tantrum and (after watching the train pass by twice) got into the van and let me buckle him in with nary a complaint. Amazing. (And totally worth this pregnant mama throwing up when we got home because I didn’t get my lunch on time and got too hungry.)


  214. Kerry A

    Oh, I have had my eye on these bags…they look amazing! This summer we went down to San Diego to visit my 93 year old grandma. So, one of my favorite moments captured this summer was a picture of my two boys with their great grandma (it was my youngest’s first time meeting her). Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful bag.

  215. Miriam

    I captured the moment of my two year old son with his first wishbone with my dad on my dad’s 72 birthday! He has such a sparkle in his eyes. It was the exact perfect moment to catch!

  216. Jess

    My son, Ben, age 3, on a hot summer day, on the courthouse square, in the grass, with is face planted in the middle of a Chocolate Malt Crunch ice cream cone.

  217. Diane

    I’ve been loving these bags since I first discovered them. My favorite shot this summer? I’m a film shooter and was very excited to buy a new-to-me Minolta X-700 from ebay in June. I’ve been using a 45mm lens and playing around with a shallow depth of field by shooting as wide open as I can as often as the light will let me. Every photo safari with this camera has been a joy and a journey, but I will especially remember discovering and shooting in a little old cemetery way off on a hill here in rural Montana. I got some great shots!

  218. kaori

    Epiphanie bags have been on my wishlist for a long time now. So gorgeous and fun!

    My favorite captured moment of this summer was of a tree with bright red flowers in full bloom. The way the sun was hitting it, it truly looked like it was on fire.

  219. danielle

    Wow do I NEED that bag! I’ve been lugging my Nikon around in a very floppy felted bag I made, no room for lenses or flash or anything else.

    Favorite moment(s) have to be all of the shots of my sweet new baby – I especially love photographing the back of his noggin and catching the light reflecting off his frock of fuzzy white/blond/strawberryish hair. Can’t you just smell the baby yum from there?

  220. sblyngo

    My favorite shot this summer may happen today as my family boards a plane together for the first time. Runners up are shots taken in of my babes and their lovely cousin. They are three peas in a pod. And by the way I have been craving an epiphanie! bag for at least a year! One way or another I have got to have one! 🙂

  221. jennifer d.

    It was a summer of so many firsts…I’m not sure I can choose one favorite!
    One is my first self-portrait leaping, early in the morning before anyone was awake.
    Another is of our baby girl, caught right at the moment her eyes lit up as she hooked her little finger on the edge of her daddy’s cereal bowl, trying to pull it toward her.
    Thank you for a Superhero Summer!

  222. jemma

    i love those bags, my favourite photo is a self portrait at the top of the plain of 6 hike, he have been talking about doing it since we moved here in January 2007 so to finally do it felt soooo good!!

  223. Agnieszka

    my definitely fav moment was when I was assked to shot the engaged session of a gorgeous couple – the weather was horrible that day and we couldn’t changed the date – so we were shoting and in one moment the sun came and we had the best photo of the day, we had it right when we needed it!

  224. Alison

    This one! I was waiting for my boyfriend (we were going away for a couple of days), and I looked up and saw the sun coming through the tree 🙂 Makes me happy.


  225. Sylvia @ From The Heart

    My favorite capture of this summer was my Mom and brother dancing at his wedding. It was such a special moment; one I will cherish for a long time!

  226. Cee

    My favorite moment this summer was my daughter wearing two princess dresses, a tutu, winter gloves, five bracelets, ballet shoes, a sunhat, and a cape that my sister made for her. She accessorized further with a plastic pink laptop, two handkerchiefs, and a stuffed brown puppy. She’s not into smiling for pictures anymore, but I managed to catch her at just the right moment 🙂

  227. Erin

    Favorite moment:
    My parents, my son, the cottage where I spent every summer for 18 years, capturing their connection and love despite how far apart we now live.

  228. Emily

    My favorite moment was recapturing my little sister in her Ballerina outfit 3 years later!

    Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  229. Julie

    Favorite moment… my daughters dancing hand-in-hand at the beach!

  230. Jen

    My teens in El Salvador playing with children.

  231. Gayla

    My favorite moment captured this summer was of a gorgeous sunset on Redondo Beach in California.

  232. Jill scripps

    my favorite pictures i captured this summer are probably my kids playing with their best friends on vacation this week.

  233. Emily Yee

    I think my favorites are from our trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado- absolutely gorgeous!!

  234. Beth

    My favorite moments were at a birthday party. The venue was selected with my daughter’s needs in mind so she was able to go down a slide for the very first time and swing to her heart’s content. And I have glorious images of her doing just that :).

  235. Tasha

    My favorite photo is from a family picnic at Tomales Bay. My sister and her boyfriend were playing catch, and my dog started chasing the ball back and forth. It’s a fun moment!

  236. Toni

    As it’s winter at the moment, my favourite moment is whenever the sun shining and T and I can explore outside 😀

  237. Sharon

    A favorite moment that I captured:

    * Husband in character as “Troy the stoner grocer”. Didn’t know I’d be so attracted to “Troy the grocer”.

    * My sweet Ruby (our Puerto rican street dog) dressed in a pink tu tu.

  238. julie

    from our last trip to the beach. the light was luscious.

  239. Erika

    It was not from this summer, but last year. My fiance and I were at Cannon Beach, Oregon, and I got a photo of a bird that was a very tricky, unique shot. Something I can’t replicate. It wasn’t exactly what I was trying to get, either. But it was a serendipitous discovery later on, and a beautiful photo I am quite proud of. =)

  240. LL

    My favorite shot this summer was of my husband skipping stones at the beach with our sons at his side.

  241. Jennifer Johnson

    Loved getting images of the plethora of meats being cooked at Burning Beast north of Seattle, sort of a carniverous, culinary version of Burning Man. Being out at the Wasington Coast, almost every shot is gorgeous – had great luck capturing burnished driftwood & wave-tumbled beach stones.

  242. Erika

    The best moment I captured this summer was my husband’s first ride on his brand new motorcycle, something he’s always wanted and I surprised him with for our 10th anniversary.

  243. Liv @ Choosing Beauty

    Oh boy! Been longing for a new camera bag and these are so great. I captured a moment when my hubby was carrying our three year old along a wooded path and a small branch with two leaves jutted out from a tree next to me. I focused on the two leaves and you see can the two of them out of focus, down the path…it was magic.

  244. Karen d

    Love these bags why a great giveaway. A great capture I had this summer was of our time spent visiting family at be beach

  245. Amiee

    Not a favorite moment, a favorite few weeks. We were up north in July looking into our imminent move there and every day said ‘come’. And it’s all in my 365 so I can click and remember and charge up this mondo dream
    Made almost real

  246. Paula J

    My daughter’s utter delight at her first lost tooth being traded for two golden dollars by th tooth fairy was my favorite

  247. Kris

    Gorgeous! Love the colors and love that it looks like a regular handbag!:) mmeee meee pick me !:)

  248. kirida

    One of my favorite moments was when my son looked up at me and said, “Mommy, I want to be a hero.” I love it.

  249. Jen lennix

    My favorite image from this Summer was of my 2 year old
    neice’s 2 year shoot. We ended at sunset and the backlighting
    made them so magical!

  250. Megan

    Photographing my parents at their 50th wedding anniversary was my favorite this summer!

  251. Chimene Liburd Brown

    My favorite image from this summer was an accidental photo taken while waiting for July 4th fireworks to begin. The sun was setting and the palm trees on the beach in Kiawah island were swaying so peacefully. I snapped the picture and moved before the shutter closed! I cursed but didn’t delete the photo. When I uploaded the photo, I realized my accident was a beautiful photo that reminds me of the wind and the waves that evening. I just ordered a 20×40 print to frame and hang!

  252. Lisa D.

    My favorite shots are from the day I took my cousin’s daughter to her first SF Giants game on a beautiful, sunny day in SF.

  253. Denice (inkstitch)

    Fave: some simple and sweet shots of my daughter on a walk. We’re struggling lately and they so beautifully reminded me of all he good things…

  254. Anamika

    My newborn son!

  255. Sheila

    Nephew’s graduation party…he was SO happy!

  256. Bonnie

    By far the best moment I captured this summer was a Mondo Dream come true. I decided to make the List come to life by taking myself on a trip to Northern California to see if I want to move there. I took the most beautiful shot at sundown at Natural Bridges- Mondo come true indeed!

  257. Cristina

    My favorite moment captured was actually a series of 4 I posted to my instagram (@sixbookshelves) from a wedding I went to in La Jolla last month. The bride, in particular, looked classic and stunning. I made Stickygrams for the newlyweds and mailed them to their home while they were on their honeymoon!

    Dying for a bag for my Canon digiSLR! It’s been unprotected for years…with a kid (and another on the way) can never find the $ to buy one.

  258. Kirsten Michelle

    favourtite summer moment captured::

    a photo of the prince edward island country~side…
    with a lovely white church nestled in among the farmlands.
    where the green earth. met the blue sky.
    and i felt an overwhelmingly beautiful connection to the land &
    to simpler times.

    turquoise is my new favourit colour 😉

  259. Sara

    The pier in Santa Monica this summer. The ferris wheel and all the colored umbrellas by the ocean. So summery. : )

  260. Heather

    My favorite photos this summer have been taken in the past week since we added a French Bulldog puppy to our family. He’s amazingly cute but hard to photograph since he keeps trying to eat my camera! 🙂

  261. Elise

    My daughters running through the spray for the first time at the water park. The looks of pure delight, terror and anticipation are amazing.

  262. Karen Dorcas

    I captured my children just as they are, my 8yo too cool to smile so he gives a lopsided grin, my 2yo DD between her two brothers, back to the camera and arms crossed (what she does every time the camera comes out)and my 5yo thinking it’s all hilarious, he has his wonderful full out smile on. It’s perfectly imperfect!

  263. Melody Heide

    My family on the shore of Lake Superior on the first summery day. It was a long winter!

  264. Elva Romero

    My baby boy sleeping with daddy. My husband hasn’t seen the pictures I took. I’m going to send them to him when he deploys in October.

  265. Chloe

    My daughter playing with her “fairy god sister” during a camping trip, lots of sunshine and laughter 🙂 x

  266. cortnie

    Oh and I am so Giddy right now. This is my favorite of the Epiphanie bags. Pick me Pick me 🙂 My favorite moment I captured this summer was a day I spent walking a small neighborhood in Okinawa Japan. I came across a little girl and her grandpa playing with chalk on the sidewalk. I pointed to my camera in attempts to get permission to photograph them, and he said yes and smiled perfectly in order for me to capture the moment.

  267. Anne

    my favorite photo is of the kitchen table overflowing with tomatoes. a beautiful image, yes, but most beautiful because i grew them myself, in my new freedom and courage that i have found this year.


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