I’ve got some BIG news!! + a DSLR to give away

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Superhero Life

So I’ve had a little secret for over a year now.

After 10 years of blogging (can you believe it?) I have finally created a new home for all things Superhero – Superhero Life!!

When I began the design process I thought it would be quick and easy. Hire a talented designer and spiff up the place, right? Little did I know, the design process would ask SO much more of me. The gift was that it allowed me to step back and look at my creative work from a much wider perspective. Rarely do I step back and look at the big picture (Who am I? What do I offer? Where am I going?) but this process really required it.

Simple questions like, What’s the site called? or What’s your tagline? became BIG. Like, What’s your message for the world? A bio page became an opportunity to answer, Who are you? Not just what you’ve accomplished, but who are you for real?

These questions took TIME. And Alexandra Franzen. And a patient designer. And a lot of soul-searching. I interviewed readers, friends, and anyone else who would listen. What are my gifts? What am I all about? What have you learned from me? It has been a rich process of self-discovery and I’m grateful.

And can you believe how it looks? I have been doing cartwheels over here. Isn’t it beautiful?

Enormous thanks to the talented people that made it happen

  • Teresa Aguilera for her gorgeous design work. And for tolerating many rounds of back + forth.
  • Anna Kuperberg for taking the bio photo at the top of the Meet Andrea page.
  • Jen Downer for taking the other two bio photos on the Meet Andrea page.
  • Alexandra Franzen for her genius wordsmithing help. Do you realize I have never had a bio page until now?

Now for the prizes!

Books to inspire you
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
The Beauty of Different by Karen Walrond
Expressive Photography by the Shutter Sisters
Elevate the Everyday by Tracey Clark
A one-of-a-kind Celebration book by Sherry Belul
Daring Adventures in Paint by Mati Rose McDonough (2 winners)
Signed matted prints
from Kelly Rae Roberts (5 winners)
Don’t Miss This by Jena Strong
This I Know
by Susannah Conway
Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley

Spots in these incredible e-courses:
A spot in Jen Louden’s TeachNow course
A spot in Marianne Elliott’s 30 Days of Yoga course
A spot in RE-Connect: Get Unstuck and Find Your Magic with Mati Rose + Willo O’Brien
A spot in an upcoming session of Laurie Wagner’s Telling True Stories
A spot in the Making Space Cleanse with Hannah Marcotti
A Home Study Program from Bari Tessler/Financial Therapist
A place in Vivienne McMaster’s Montage course
A SARK-In-Your-Pocket Audio/Visual Program
A spot in SARK’s Three Part Harmony course

And to make this giveaway Mondo Beyondo… A Canon DSLR!!!

Have you been wanting to graduate to a DSLR? The Canon T3 Digital SLR is an incredible camera and will take you far. It comes with an 18-55mm zoom lens and even shoots in HD!

One lucky winner will get this awesome gift. (I will be jealous of the person who wins this!!)

And finally, since a girl still wants to look good when she’s out shootin, an Epiphanie camera bag! (The winner will get a bag of her choice) Don’t you love these?

Here’s how to win

1. Leave a comment on this post
2. Join the Superhero Life Mailing list! (even if you are on another list, please join this one to be included in the drawing) You can sign up here.
3. Extra chances to win if you spread the word and Like the page on Facebook, tweet it or Facebook it.

*Doing steps 1 and 2 put you in the hat for the prizes!

Everyone who gets on the Superhero Mailing list will get:

The Superhero Manifesto
The Mondo Beyondo Dream Generator
+ The Complete Your Year Worksheet!

Winners will be chosen at random and announced next Tuesday, September 18th!

Comments will close at 8pm PST September 17th, 2012!

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. Paula

    You rock Andrea! Loving the site so far. Good luck with your new adventure.

  2. ARC

    Congratulations Andrea! Love the look of the new site! And thanks for the chances to win such cool stuff. Mondo Beyondo literally changed my life, so I am eternally grateful to you for that.

  3. Alison

    The new site makes me smile! It’s perfectly inviting and beautiful.

  4. Sam

    Super excited for you, Andrea! It is a gift to read your words and be inspired for years…literally. Wishing you only continued growth and success!

  5. Lisa

    Wowza! Congrats! And thanks for the opportunity to win those cool prizes!

  6. Renae

    This is wonderful. Beautiful and inspiring. Congratulations, Andrea. I can’t wait to explore every page, and soak up every word.

  7. Kat

    I’m so excited for you! I love your new space, and it inspires me as I’m working on building my own new space too. Be well!

  8. Mira

    Andrea! Your new website is exquisite. Thank you thank you, for the inspiration, for stepping out and stepping up, for being the magical beautiful you! I’ve followed your blog for a while now, attended Rachel Cole’s workshop at the Tea House thanks to your mention of it and have often toyed with the idea of doing one of your workshops. One day, i’ll stop lurking 🙂 and start making, doing, and sharing myself. Meanwhile… living vicariously through you and others like you. thanks for opening the doors and sharing your expression.

  9. Jes Deputy

    Love the new style!

  10. tracynicholrose

    How wonderful! Love the site and know it will be a huge success.

  11. Lea

    You always inspire me! The new site is beautiful!

  12. harmony

    a beautiful new space for superheroes to grow. you are an inspiration! i wish you many many blessings in your journey.

  13. Michelle Templeton

    Congratulations, Andrea! I have loved Mondo Beyondo and Dream Lab and am really excited for your new adventures.

  14. Katherine

    Beautiful! Inspiring! Real!! I love your new web home, Andrea. Thank you for inviting us all along on your sweet, intentional, adventurous life. xo

  15. Abbie

    The new site is lovely! And I would be thrilled to win any one of those prizes 🙂

  16. alison

    love love love the new site! this is very very exciting! yay to you, andrea! i especially like “no capes, just courage”!

  17. zauna

    Love the new website! What a wonderful prize line up.

  18. Meg

    Andrea, what an inspiration you are! Your photo class at the Teahouse Studio truly opened a door for me and your words of photo wisdom come to me every time I am taking pictures. Thank you.

  19. Megan

    GAHHH! AWESOMENESS! I’ve been reading your blog since 2004 – pre-Ben, pre-courses, pre-Mondo Beyondo even, when your big thing was your juicy jewelry – and this new site is exactly what I would have made for you. It’s colorful with gorgeous design elements and loads of substance, and also a lot of space to rest and think and dream. It *is* you.

    I’ve told you this before, but yours was the first blog I ever followed, and I can’t express how awesome it has been to witness this journey of yours. Can’t wait for all that is in store! I’m so happy for you, Andrea! Way to go!

  20. melissa

    Oh Andrea, You never cease to inspire.
    Congratulations on this new space, new forum, new scope…may it bring bigger things and more beauty into the world every day. xoxo

  21. sperlygirl

    total awesomeness…big congratulations andrea! keep on putting all your goodness out there, you are doing great things! warmly, s

  22. selena

    Fantastic site. I love the “good things” page. One stop shopping for some inspiration! Easy to navigate and good looking too! Congratulations

  23. Sarah Rose

    Congratulations! This is all so very exciting!

  24. Abbey Vint

    Just found you through Karen W….. What an amazing site & incredible presence you are 🙂 … Thank you for your energy!

  25. Kristin Noelle

    SOOOOOOOO gorgeous, Andrea!! And absolutely shows the time you poured into it. May this site be all you wish for it and way, way more. xo

  26. elke

    Congratulations Andrea! So much love and work in this new place – wonderful!

  27. Carrie

    Love the new site. Can’t stop smiling each time I see the tag line ‘no capes, just courage’ – it’s perfect.

  28. Amy T

    Amazing. Thank you for the amazing, Andrea.

  29. Esther

    Wow. This is beyond awesome! Love every bit of the new site!

  30. no worries

    Great to see your new website! I can’t wait to discover it in more depth!

  31. Amy

    Beautiful new site! It IS “Pretty super!” Great e-course offerings–

  32. helen

    Yay, Andrea! I’ve been reading your blog since it began and was all about painting and beautiful necklaces 🙂 so wonderful to have been reading along your evolution. Best of luck with the new online you!

    (Also, I turn 40. 40!!! on the 20th September so I am hoping for some significant birthday luck! lol!)

    Blessing to you – Helen

  33. Laurel Hounslow

    You inspired me to begin a process in Mondo Beyondo a while ago. Now you are doing it again. Next uear’s word is already reaching for me! Thank you, thank you!

  34. jennifer owens

    Wonderful and generous soul you are! Nice blog!:0)

  35. Zahava

    WOW! Andrea, מזל טוב on the new site and endeavors! I have been reading since 2004 from Israel. I’ve always enjoyed the way you share your life’s journey — your creative perspective inspires this designer! שנה טובה, ומתוקה!

  36. Jina

    Love love this..This is my first time here. I got to here from chookoloonks-so I will just post what I posted there.
    Im totally in awe of the idea that I also could have a super power. I mean-the simple, ordinary me could dare to think of having or being a super power?-Thats mind boggling. Today is my wedding anniversary and while its not a birthday, or new year to start resolutions- I feel its a perfect day to start making changes since my life started to change drastically since this day 4 years back. I gained a new best friend, moved to a foreign country, saw places I never thought I would see, matured wildly beyond my dreams–so maybe its time to find my super power..:)

  37. catherine

    Oh my gosh, what an incredibly exciting giveaway! Love seeing your blog’s evolution (it looks lovely) and feel the great enthusiasm and creative energy surrounding it all… how very very neat! Keeping my fingers crossed for this giveaway. I’ve been saving for that exact camera and am so happy for this opportunity along side your readers.
    p.s. I am now signed up for your mailing list + am new fan of your Facebook page… yay!

  38. Cinzia

    The new website is wonderful!!! You rock, my dear!

  39. Vanessa

    so excited for you andrea! congratulations, your new home is awesome. can’t wait to poke around and explore 🙂
    p.s. i’m all signed up and FB’d and tickled to be entered into the giveaway, thanks!

  40. Ghita

    Congrats with your fantastic new site.
    Happy to follow.
    And what an awesome giveaway!

  41. Kate

    OK, I’m officially inspired. Will be a regular visitor.

  42. Katrin

    Congratulations on your new website, it’s gorgeous!

  43. Jeanette

    LOVE your new site!!

  44. Caiti

    The new site looks gorgeous! I love that tagline 🙂

  45. Gillian @OneGiantStep

    I’m late to the party but ready for a kick in the pants…let’s go!

  46. Natalie

    I can’t believe how far you’ve come. I’ve been reading your blog for ages – since before you had kids, I think, and the pictures on your blog were my inspiration for getting my own DSLR. When I was looking for a camera, I kept thinking: “I want my pictures to look like Andrea’s.” (Ended up buying a Nikon though, but I’m still very happy with that).
    Your new site is beautiful! Thank you for all the inspiration!

  47. Julie

    Hi Andrea,
    Just wanted to tell you that I’ve been following your blog for years now and I have to say the new site looks great! I just signed up for your mailing list and now I’m going to read everything on here 🙂 I wish you all the best!

  48. Dana

    Congratulations! It looks great, and as always, you continue to provide inspiration!

  49. regena

    looking forward to continue browsing your site.

  50. Joanna

    Oooh…love the new site! And thanks for the chance to win super prizes. 😉 It almost makes me wish I had a FB or Twitter account in addition to google+.

  51. Katrina

    everything looks terrific! you’re one of my favorite morning reads. 🙂

  52. jo

    You come a long way! The new site is just wonderful! Congratulations and may it carry you to ever better and brighter places!

  53. Leonie

    Your website is wonderful. I love your story, your journey. It is so inspiring.

  54. kathryn

    my friends are constantly inspired at how, through my work with you, i stepped into a more fulfilling life. i’m so excited for how your new site will help you be seen more clearly by even more people! congrats!

  55. Grow Soul Beautiful

    I tweeted about it several times- looks lovely!

  56. DawnS

    Beautiful. Congratulations Andrea!

  57. Martina

    Congratulations! Love your approach to photography and love your new site. 🙂

  58. Beth

    Happy anniversary and best wishes for another 10 years of crack-a-lackin’ Superhero-ness.

  59. Kate

    Awesome new site!!!

  60. Jill

    Read for the big world

  61. Susan S.

    Congrats on the new site. It’s awesome! I can’t wait to explore more.

  62. Megan

    What a beautiful new site. Congratulations!

  63. jacky

    Your new online home is beautiful!!

  64. Cheryl

    Love, love, love the new website! Absolutely gorgeous. I love the new course offerings, too. Thanks for all that you do.

  65. Alex

    Andrea, the site is gorgeous!! I’ve been reading your blog for almost 10 years (!) and watching your evolution has been such an inspiration. Congrats on taking Superhero to a whole new level!

  66. lisa parks

    oh andrea, it is super. you are super. i love the line, no capes just courage. it all makes me very happy. and what a generous kickoff!

  67. Vanessa

    Congratulations on this new home!

  68. beth

    This is super awesome. Congrats on a job well done. Inspiring!

  69. Britta

    Hi Andrea!

    Your new page looks fab! Hope you enjoy your new home…

    All the best, Britta

  70. Mandi

    I’m loving the new site, and can’t get enough of the idea of becoming our own super heroes. Best of luck with your new adventures!

  71. Sage

    LOVE the new site, congrats Andrea!

  72. Amy

    Good Morning! What a wonderful way to start the day-congrats!

  73. Michelle

    Your new design is fantastic. I’ve followed you for years and I’m more inspired than ever to blog more, dream more, and live large!

  74. Claudia

    I’d love to win the camera!! It’s an awesome giveaway!! Thanks for organizing. And congratulations on your new
    website! It is amazing.

  75. Sarah

    Excited to have found you. You have yourself another new subscriber!

  76. Smedette

    Holy cow! Congratulations on 10 years!

  77. Ange

    may you days be filled with color & oozing joy!

  78. haley

    The new site looks great! I’ve been reading you forever (since a friend got me one of your necklaces years ago) and 1) never noticed you didn’t have a bio and 2) was surprised and delighted to read your bio and learn about how you got started with all this. You are so awesome!

  79. thyme (sarah)

    This site is new discovery for me…and it looks like such a happy one!

  80. Diane

    I found you from Karen Walronds site and I’ve got to say I LOVE IT! You are now in my RSS in outlook so I can follow your posts automatically. Thank you for the chance to win such awesome prizes and thank you for helping me become the superhero I was meant to be!

  81. Lucia Figueiredo

    The new site looks amazing! I love the tag line “no capes. just courage.”

  82. Kelly D

    Wow – I am loving this site! Congrats on the launch. Can’t wait to dig into all you have here… such a great message.

  83. Katherine

    WOW-wee-WOW-WOW…congrats on the new site & amazing on all the fab give-aways! You sure know how to do a launch!!

  84. Leslie

    LOVE the new website! It’s alive and fresh and fun to read – congratulations!

  85. Debra

    Congratulations, Andrea! You inspire me every day. Thank you! xo

  86. marina sorr.

    wow, Andrea, this new site is awesome!!!!!!
    I haven’t finished looking around but I need to tell you and then go back to reading and looking at all the beauty and magic you’ve put here.
    thank you so much, Andrea, for sharing your beautiful courageous self with the world, you’re such a wonderful gift.
    with wishes of joy and love, xo

  87. Angela

    I’m so excited for you, AND I’m so excited for all of us who get to benefit from your awesomeness! Congratulations!

  88. Lynnae

    This is SO cool. A call to arms to harness our SuperPowers. I discovered one of mine – but used it for the not-so-good. How to use it for the greater good? I am DOWN with this, Andrea. Thanks for this shot in the arm. Tuesday is already looking suWEET!

  89. Toni McLellan

    Wow! The new place looks gorgeous! Congrats on the launch and thanks for the lovely opps to win prizes. <3

  90. Lee

    Wow, beautiful new site! Can’t wait to explore it. Congratulations!

  91. Desiree

    Hello Andrea, I’ve been reading you for a few yers now and just want to say your new website looks wonderful! This seems to be a time of fresh starts for many, I hope yours is amazing! You deserve so much success 🙂

  92. Jessamyn

    The new site is gorgeous, Andrea! Makes me feel inspired just browsing around. And those prizes are pretty great, too! 🙂

  93. rowena murillo

    Congratulations on ten years!I think I’m coming up on a thousand posts, but I don’t have ten years yet. I love the way you took stock of everything with your new design. Those are some great prizes, btw.

  94. Deborah

    I, too, love the look and feel of your new site! Looking forward to updates in my inbox.

  95. Glennen

    Congratulations! Your new home here is beautiful! What a lovely space you have created.

  96. Dana

    Beautiful website. Fun prizes. Excited to see all that comes. Congratulations 🙂

  97. Laurie

    I find that I am having to cut down/cut out some of my newsletter subscriptions…I get overwhelmed with all the reading and information…but for a chosen few… and yours is a keeper. It is inspiring and delicious! Thank you!

  98. Jeannine

    Wow!, congrats on the new space

  99. Lucrecer

    I LOVE the new site. It has been wonderful watching you evolve over the years. Blessings to you, my friend.

  100. Lesley

    Congratulations Andrea! I have been reading your blog for years and look forward to what is coming next!!

  101. Corrine Connally

    Congratulations! It’s beautiful.

  102. Diane Dupuis-Kallos

    Wow – congrats – all your hard work really paid off! It looks great!!
    Thanks for putting my name in the hat – great prizes!!!

  103. Sarah

    As a long-time reader, I’ve enjoyed seeing you thrive and expand. Congratulations on taking the next step!

  104. ana

    Lovely site, love the design and color. Congratulations!

  105. georgy

    Thank You, Thank You for continuing to express yourself – for always reaching to Be More of YourSelf –

    Now, that would have changed the world right there – and would have been great –

    BUT – Generous You – shared everything with us – told us over & over We Are Our Own Superhero – you gave us the message in super beautiful color – sharing even when it’s hard – then sharing the great outcome – encouraging us to have courage – inviting everyone along – in their own way

    Here we are – with you again – because – Your Example Gives Us HOPE –

    Most Excellent!

    Thank you for continuing on – and allowing us to continue on with you.

    love & love,

  106. Jill Finger

    I came over from Chookoloonks. Good luck on your new venture.

  107. Julia Jones

    Your new website is beautiful – congratulations 🙂

  108. Lea

    Wow Andrea what exciting news! I can’t believe it has been 10 years!!

    Congrats and I am looking forward to what you have to offer us here!


  109. Cara

    If internationals are allowed to play, sign me up! I’d love one of those bags!

  110. Lisa

    Congratulations on your new website! Looks fabulous and I can’t wait to be inspired by more of your amazing photos!

  111. Jennifer

    Love the new look!
    Thanks for the opportunities to win 😀

  112. Donna

    Hello Andrea!

    A posting Karen Walrond has on her inspirational Chookooloonks website and blog led me to you and I am very much looking forward to exploring your site, prizes or not!

    Kind regards,


  113. Debora Pfeiffer

    Thank you so much for sharing all of this, and all of you with us. I’m so grateful.
    This inspires me to show so much more of who I really am. Heart you, Debora

  114. Andi

    How exciting, and the story of your process is inspiring. Can’t wait to see where you go from here 😀

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    Yay Andrea – love the new look! Been a long time follower and superhero necklace wearer! So happy for your new place 🙂

  128. Sharon Esdale

    Congratulations Andrea! It’s been lovely watching you flourish over the years. I know it’s a long shot but I’d love to win the camera. I’ve been fantasizing about uppIng the anty on my camera for about a decade now. Much love to you!

  129. Samantha

    Beautiful new website! Congratulations!!

  130. Sundries sublime

    This is so, so exciting! I can’t wait to watch this new site unfold! Congratulations!!!!

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    Congratulations on the new site! It is awesome. Beautiful job, your hard work clearly paid off!

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    I am so, so excited for you. Defining a dream is exhilarating. Much love and grace to you. Your voice is important.

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  141. Melissa Wafer Cross

    Lovely site–will add it to my daily reading routine. Thanks to Karen for the directions!

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    The website is gorgeous, Andrea. I love how clean it looks. The “Good Things” page is so neat and accessible.

    Great job done by you and your designers.

  146. Candyce

    I love your new blog! The layout is gorgeous. I’ve been subscribing to your former blog in a reader, and now subscribe to your new blog in a reader, so I had to pop over and see what the new layout was like. I also subscribe via email, and I’ve just liked and shared on FB.

  147. Sarah

    Congratulations! Wishing you all good things in your beautiful new home.

  148. Lena

    WOW — congrats! I know what a process it can be to do a site. It looks great and your post reminded me that sometimes it’s good to step back and look at some of these critical issues, like what is your message. Good luck and I look forward to following along in this next chapter.

  149. Renae

    This is beautiful and so inspiring, Andrea. Congratulations.

  150. Colleen

    Congratulations on your new website, it looks amazing! Will take awhile to go through it all, but I really love what I have seen so far. Thanks for your inspirations, and the chance to win!

  151. Mirela

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  152. Heather

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  154. kirida

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  155. jmbh

    You are my hero! How inspiring!

  156. Kristi

    I adore your new site Andrea! It is life giving and gorgeous. I took your Mondo Beyondo course and it has changed the course of my life. I’m now working for a small jewish hospice and working on sharpening my photo skills to take pictures of people at the end of life as memories for their families. The camera giveaway would be AMAZING! Thank you for who you are in the world and for what you do.

  157. Lola

    Congratulations! The site is beautiful!!!!!! Very inspiring as always.

  158. Sheila M

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    Thanks for the chance to win these amazing gifts! Your new site is beautiful!

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    Congratulations! I’ve been following you for years, ever since I purchased one of your gorgeous necklaces as a gift to my sister. You are an inspiration and thank you so much for all you share! Looking forward to your new endeavor!

  165. Kate

    what a fantastic site! I’m so glad @Chookooloonks pointed me here.

  166. Hollie

    The site is looking good! I always find moving initially stressful but ultimately rewarding, (whether in cyberspace or on the web!) but you seem to have faired marvelously!


  167. Beth

    Congrats on the new site, Andrea – it’s BEAUTIFUL! And thanks for all wonderful inspiration. You’re a gift! I can’t wait to see what you do next.

  168. Angie Fraley

    No capes…just courage. Poetic, beautiful, and epic. You are going to change the world by taking people from impossible to I’m Possible. Rock on sister.

  169. Meghan @ Life Refocused

    Holy moly! This is the Mondo Beyondo giveaway! Congrats on the beautiful new site. xo

  170. Jayme

    This is awesome! I treasure my superhero necklaces I bought from you and I’ve enjoyed your blog over the years. The new site is beautiful! I’ve given you a ‘like’ on Facebook and shared your new site with my friends. Also put the word out on Twitter. Good luck with your new projects!

  171. Renee

    Oh Andrea! How wonderful! This is simply…beautiful. So inspiring as always. Well done and congratulations!

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    Well done your.

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  175. Erin

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  176. Tracey

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    a very young, sixty something who has been
    a “closet” artist most of my life. By reading and seeing the things you and so many of your Creative Sisters do, I am inspired to take the plunge and devote myself to artwork. You show me how it’s never too late & NOW is the time to do it. The ripples of what you share extend so much further than you might ever imagine. My gratitude is heart-felt, I wish you Joy!

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  346. Norene

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    Beautiful Day to you!!!!!

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  372. my soul can dance ~ celisa

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    love the new site andrea!

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