What’s Your Superpower?

Ben arms wide, Angel Island

What’s your superpower?

Back in May, when Kelly Rae and I did an event at Teahouse Studios, we went around the room and posed this question. I was delighted and surprised to find that everyone had an answer! (I was imagining a lot of pushing and prodding, coaching people into defining their particular strength)

Instead, everyone knew. And they were all unique. And pointed to something that lit them up, that made them come alive. Not only is your superpower something you are good at, it’s something that gives you deep meaning and joy. It’s something you offer the world as a gift.

I am a wise listener.

I bring the humor and fun.

I can see the big picture.

I connect people.

I can make a space beautiful.

Some responses from my tribe

To celebrate the new site, I asked some members of my tribe to answer the question, What’s Your Superpower? Here are their wonderful answers, in blog form!

Vivienne McMaster Superpower: Playfulness

SARK Superpower: Joy

Marianne Elliott Superpower: Caring

Karen Walrond: Superpower: Cheerleader

Laurie Wagner Superpower: A digger

Jen Downer Superpower: Photography

Hannah Marcotti Superpower: YOU

Catherine Just Superpower: Willing to be transparent

Mati Rose Superpower: Choosing color

Susannah Conway Superpower: Truth-telling

Jen Louden Superpower: Cheerleading

Sherry Belul Superpower: Celebration

Design Mom’s Gabrielle Blair Superpower: Recognizes beauty

Your turn

Now I want to hear from you! What’s your superpower? Leave it in the comments below.

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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. gayle

    staying calm when surrounded by chaos

  2. Raven Simons

    Seeing beauty in the small things in my immediate surroundings.

  3. Diane

    My first thought was photography, but then I let my brain be quiet and listened to my heart. Compassion and empathy are my superpowers.

  4. Diane

    and the ability to make a mean penne ala vodka!

  5. Meghan Leahy

    Being funny. Make-your-belly-hurt-from-laughing, unapologetically, irreverently, dark-humoredly funny. Oh, and I can also wipe a very poopie butt, on my lap, using only two wipes. And only get poop on three surfaces. That’s very Super-Power-y.

  6. Renee

    I am a ‘fixer’ and a gratitude cultivator 🙂

  7. Candyce

    My superpower is being nice. It is probably, at worst, a strong desire to people-please, but I also really do wish the people whom I encounter on a daily basis well. I hope that I can be a spot of brightness in their day. Maybe I’m the only smile they see all day … that sort of thing. It’s something that I struggle with, however, as I’ve been told that I’m “too nice” and that I can “let people walk all over” me, so I may need to think about how best to use my superpower in the future.

    Also I can drink copious amounts of Diet Coke and eat nachos for every meal without getting tired of either.

  8. Sharon aka Artl8dy

    I show students who think they can’t draw that THEY CAN DRAW!!

  9. andrea


    I think re-framing your superpower as “kindness” might even say it best, without all the other stuff attached.

    I really resonate with wanting to be the bright spot in someone’s day.
    Such a great superpower…

  10. Jeanette

    My initial thought was photography… but it’s “listening and “getting” people”… I think

  11. Jeanne M

    A friend told me yesterday that my colleagues appreciate the way I lead with a “generosity of spirit.” I’m mulling that over today.

  12. Marissa

    My superpower is ENTHUSIASM! Where there is “meh” I will bring excitement.

  13. Sam Osborne

    I’m a problem solver – whether than is in my work, solving design and branding problems or at home finding inexpensive ways to do things, getting something to work or finding out how to find the information I need. I can look at something, see the problem and usually find ways to solve it. I like to think of myself as MacGyver! 🙂

  14. Keri Kettle

    SENSE OF SMELL – which is terrible on those days that I encounter more dog pee than roses. BUT I think that is just one element of my heightened sensitivity, which inspires me to bring compassion and wit to those stinky times in life. 😉

  15. Joanne Dean

    My superpower is kindness 🙂

  16. H.N. James

    My superpower: connecting people with books, stories, music, information that they don’t even know they want/need.

  17. Cindy

    When I was in NY this summer, I made a purchase at the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. You have to say an oath and give them your Superhero name when you buy something. I was stumped. I couldn’t come up with anything and I couldn’t even remember if I had superpowers (stupid, we all have at least one superpower). I gave them a completely lame name (Super Authenticity Girl – I don’t even know). It was a reminder that I needed to exercise those super powers.

    My strongest superpower is truth and finding the truth. At least this is what I’ve been told by others. I think my superpower is pie crust. I make a mean pie crust.

  18. Annie

    My son asks this all the time! The superhero power I want to have is making sure everyone feels loved. The one I have for real is arriving (most) places ahead of the line.

  19. tam

    Being funny and having fun, recent quote from a girlfriend, “tammy’s here, we can start laughing!” wait a minute does it still count as funny if they are laughing AT you? 🙂

  20. teryll

    I think my superpower is showing someone how much I care/love about them through cooking/baking.

  21. Shannon

    Possibility seer- i can see possibility in things, people, situations

  22. June Mears Driedger

    My superpower is listening well and remembering the details of people’s stories.

  23. rani@omshesaid

    My superpower is that I see the positive side to things!

  24. sarahs - redlinedesign®

    My superpowers:

    I’m a Good Friend
    I’m a Fixer
    I’m sensitive
    I’m kind
    I’m giving
    I’m crying…..

  25. Diane

    waking up and at this point grunting: ugh. and then putting one foot in front of the other. and knowing i will have better days.

  26. Diane

    no , i’m not whining.

  27. Rakesh Bhatia

    My superpower:Helping individuals/community to achieve their dreams and in the process accomplishing my life purpose as well.The uni-verse always pays me back with extreme happiness ,joy and fulfillment.
    Many Congrats for a beautiful site Andrea!Its a real piece of art.Has become my homepage!

  28. Shannon

    Superpower: Inner Child Advocate.

  29. Teresa R

    My superpower: giving

  30. Jocelyn

    Choosing happiness is my super power. It encompasses compassion, nurturing, kindness, humour, and delight. It acknowledges frailty and is growing in becoming less and less judgemental.

  31. Belinda

    My superpower would be intuition. I am not saying I always recognise it though! There have been a lot of times when I haven’t trusted my gut instinct and looked back later and thought “a-ha I knew it all along”.

  32. Brandi

    My superpower is to see to bring beauty & order to my happy little home. Thank you.

  33. Cheryl

    My superpower is caring and compassion.

  34. Debbie

    My superpower is creating a bubble of calm.

  35. Sharon | the teacup incident

    My superpowers are my sense of humor and the way I use color. Thanks for inviting me to look at my gifts as powers 🙂

  36. Annie Gregson

    My superpower is being able to sense when to lighten the mood and laugh.

  37. Doretta

    My superpowers is my open heart and my ability to be fully present for the one I am in front of.

  38. maria grasso

    I connect with people on a core, emotional level

  39. SarahWT

    Empathizing, caring, wanting to understand different points of view

  40. Ella

    My superpower is designing mellifluous melodies and harmonies.

  41. Patricia

    Creative idea generation

  42. Jennifer

    My super power is connecting dots. Whether at work or through relationship or even observing myself…I make the connections between facts and tidbits that bring the aha moment. Thank you for asking – that is the first time I’ve ever claimed it!!

  43. Linda

    My SuperPower is Resilience. I’ve made my mess my message, and I help women whose lives have gotten very small from chronic illness how to travel the path of the Hero’s Journey, gather their own superpower and gift, and then bring their purpose and vision into the world.

    Loving your message and your website, Andrea! Thank you.

  44. Susan

    Research, finding answers.

    And I am an expert at Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, especially the years before he was in A Few Good Men.

  45. Linda

    My super(s)hero power is PATIENCE.

  46. marie-francoise

    I partially answered this by mistake in the other post but without all the angst attached that I have around it, I believe my superhero power is PASSION. wow, it took me forever to get around to saying that. maybe because I haven’t felt that my superhero power isn’t good for much. I go very deep into things and I’m sensitive and that has gotten me into trouble…but I’m willing to consider that maybe just maybe it’s a gift that could be useful and powerful..

  47. D.

    Superpower: Special Education teacher!

  48. Julie

    Superpower: Organizer

  49. sklars

    Encouraging. I get really excited for my friends & family and encourage them to live out their dreams. Now I just need to find a mirror so I can turn my power onto myself:) Thanks again for the cool site!

  50. Beth

    Superpower: Visionary of Enchantment

  51. Valerie Gurley

    Superpower: Able to See in the Dark. They say Dragons live in the Dark Places… but there’s also great treasure there. I’m a Soul Adventurer!

  52. nicole

    I love the new site! Love love love!

    My superpower is that I can bake really delicious things that make people happy.

  53. Kristi

    Superpower? Deep listening.

  54. oraclenine

    My superpower is Story- story telling, story hearing seeing the Story in what’s happening.

  55. Inez

    Superpower: Sensitive

  56. Lauren Tober

    When I close my eyes and listen to my heart, I hear LOVE!

  57. melissa

    love this. have always loved this invitation, but have yet to name one that feels true. today, thinking my superpower is…weaving ideas (connecting and synthesizing).

  58. Pamela Balabuszko-Reay

    I see beauty in the quirky. Especially in people.

  59. Winter

    I am “harmless”. People see me as harmless and approachable–I get random people who start talking to me and telling me their thoughts and desires.

    I can also get babies to smile. They see my squinty Asian eyes and I think they respond to that!

  60. Bridgette

    My superpower is my loyalty. I am also well grounded and find myself often being the anchor for people to bring them back to shore so to speak.

  61. Mary Aviles

    I’m good at finding information and synthesizing complex topics!

  62. Jill Salahub

    I am a warrior who knows the tender heart of sadness. My superpowers are gentleness and generosity, holding my heart open to both the beauty and the brutality of life, knowing the broken tenderness of loss and grief and the medicine of love, voice finding, love letter writing, and remembering (and reminding) that we all are basically and fundamentally good, wise, compassionate, and powerful.

  63. Lisa King

    Speaking the invisible.

  64. Nina

    Heart whisperer

    What a wonderful challenge.
    Thank you again for being here.9

  65. beth

    Diplomacy among artistic temperaments.

  66. Summer

    My superpower is being a peacemaker. I can get along with anyone.

  67. beth

    My superpower is discovering someone’s essence. So many great powers listed here. I feel like I’m in good hands if I send up the signal. In an emergency there are so many of us here ready and willing to respond when needed. Thanks Andrea, for being YOU!

  68. Rhiannon

    My super power is my sense of direction ( can get my bearings in a city very quickly and remember it when I go back, even if years later.) My other super power is being able to open even the most stuck jam jar. I am still looking for a career that might combine these !

  69. Leonora Bravo

    My husband says my super power is “Being Super Mommy”!!!!

  70. Ela

    My superpower? Inner sensitivity that makes me see things in postive way, see the Beauty of the Nature and stay calm when the storm is all arround. I’m also a good organizer and the professionalist in my field, loving mother and a good learner, curious in the world. I’ve learned how to prioritize in life… LOVE to all of YOU – SUPERHEROs!



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