My word of the year for 2017! + some yummy news.


Thank you for listening! As you can see, I’m very excited about having a microphone… Look out world! Share your words of the year in the comments below! And let me know what guests you’d like to have on the brand new show!

Some notes:

Manifesting 2017: Instant access mini-course to help you complete your year + create 2017 with intention. $20
Mondo Beyondo: Dream big + in alignment with your heart and spirit. The fun begins January 9th, 2017! $99

P.S. You can join me in Bali again this May 2017! It is a place that is overflowing with beauty, kindness and spirituality. What could be better?




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Hi, I’m Andrea

On this blog you’ll be learning with me how to use our voices, share our creative superpowers and live life in full color.

As an artist, photographer, life coach + mentor, I’m redefining what it means to be a SUPERHERO — ‘cause in my world, it’s got nothing to do with capes, spandex or sidekicks and everything to do with tenderness, intuition & baby steps of bravery.



  1. Jane

    My 2017 WotY is SURRENDER

    I love your word choice!

  2. SarahWT

    Andrea! 🙂 Congratulations!! This is exciting news – love that you’ll be doing a podcast. (You have a great voice for radio, btw 🙂 ) So excited to hear from your list of peeps to interview, and would love to hear more from you and other creative moms on ways you show devotion to your kiddos, while also growing and evolving a creative business – it really struck a chord with me when you mentioned these things in this message. Looking forward to tuning in, and wishing you a very happy New Year!

  3. Di

    I’m excited that you’re starting a podcast! My word for 2017 is OPEN.

  4. Eileen


  5. Jessica

    Love your word and the idea of devotion/ intention! My word of the year is NOURISH and I’m looking forward to really putting energy into what nourishes me and my family physically and spiritually.

  6. Ramona

    My word this year is DECISIVE.

    I look forward to listening to your podcasts! I agree you have a great voice for radio!

  7. Kelly


  8. kim

    my word: LOVE
    love myself, life, the good & bad, the unpredictable, everything. just love where i am without judging.

  9. Eliza from Happy Simple Living

    Thanks for sharing this. I can’t wait to listen to your podcasts, and am excited for your 2017 plans. This past year was kind of a slog, so my word for 2017 is FUN!

  10. Alicia Silva Villanueva

    my word is BOLDNESS. I think I need to be bolder in the things I want to work on and stop going in circles.

  11. Marilyn Johnson

    My would is Grace. I don’t fully understand why but this word keeps coming back to me. I can’t wait to pursue it and study “grace”.

  12. Lynne

    My word is JOY! Excited for your podcasts. And the mic is spot on.

  13. Keri Smith

    Your voice sounds so yummy with that mic! Smooth and sultry.

    I wanna be on the list!!!

  14. Anna

    I am so far behind that I forgot about thinking about a word for the new year. But for the past week, abundance has been showing up in my head. Maybe that is my word. I am going to do some listening to my heart this week and see if anything else shakes out.
    I am also embarking on some creative work this year: writing! I would love to hear from folks who write fiction and memoir and hybrids on your podcast!

  15. Leslie

    Trust. I had to think hard about what my word of the year would be and I’m so glad I did. Trust is a verb. Your voice with the new mic sounds so quiet and reassuring, Andrea. I can’t wait to listen to your podcast interviews (and please put Keri Smith on your list ;-)). xxoo

  16. Patricia

    PROTECT. I asked for another word but Protect has decided to linger. So for 2017 I will focus on protecting myself and others. Happy New Year everyone!!

  17. Julie

    My word(s) for 2017 will be Play Big. I am so excited to bring this to life! I have set some playing big intentions as well. Yay!!
    Very inspired by the mic and the audio. I have been thinking for several weeks now about recording various things-mediation minutes, podcast, etc.
    Thanks, Andrea!!

  18. Monique

    I’m so ready for the new year. My word for 2017 is CONNECT.

  19. Lisa

    My word of the year is persist. I was paralyzed for part of the year, and everyone kept telling me to be patient–that I’d be able to walk and hold a fork, etc. I’m sick of being patient, so I decided I wanted persist as my word.

    I’m excited about the podcast, Andrea. I have a friend here in Albuquerque I’d like you to interview. She’s an artist who works in several mediums, and she’s my spiritual counselor. Her name is Melanie Weidner. Then there’s Nan Seymour.

  20. Liz

    I’m having multiple:
    Steadfast delight
    Radical self-encouragement
    : )

    I love these…

  21. Kai

    My word for 2017 is CONJURE
    It’s the definition that gets me really excited…
    To call or bring into existence as if by magic.

  22. Melissa

    A podcast, how exciting! I can’t wait to subscribe.

    I’m ruminating on my word this week, but I haven’t yet felt that zap of energy that means I’ve found the right one. I’m inspired by the words in these comments, though. Conjure, grace, boldness… they’re all so juicy.

  23. Melinda

    I love that you are doing a podcast! Can’t wait to listen. I’d love to hear you interview Ali Edwards and also SARK. My word of the year is EASY.

  24. traceykinohio

    First off, congratulations on the Podcast; I’ll definitely subscribe. With your voice, I don’t care if you just said, blah, blah, blah over & over again. Lol. SO soothing. I’m struggling with my word for the year as I’ve constantly chosen one & always failed to make it happen 🙁 I’ll work on. PS: attending Bali would a dream that I can’t even envision happening! 🙂

  25. Julia

    The microphone & you both sound great!
    My husband has always said, where the focus goes, the energy flows. I find that to be true for myself-
    I’m not really much of an annual “word” chooser.
    However, what came to mind is the word, abandon.
    To abandon myself to God as I understand Him. Abandon myself to great joy. To abandon myself to the belief that the best is yet to come 🙂
    Thanks for sharing, Andrea
    Happy New Year

  26. Elisa Mikiten


  27. Sarah

    My word for 2017 is F***. Not joking…
    Should I give a F*** (about whatever it is). Do I want to F*** in the physical sense. Do I want to F*** mentally. Do I want to give a F*** emotionally. Are we allowed to use curse words for this?

  28. Ellie

    My word for 2017 is connection

  29. rachel

    A podcast! That is so exciting. And your microphone (and you) sounds lovely 🙂

    I’ve been pondering my word of the year, as I’m trying to un-learn goals and resolutions. I think it will be “present”, as I too often get swept up in worry or not being right where I am. I want to tackle being present here and now in 2017.

    Happy New Year!

  30. Michelle

    So excited to know you will be podcasting! Hooray! Congratulations!
    My word for the 2017 is Pursue 🙂

  31. May Garber

    My word for 2017 is Peace .Thank you

  32. Christine

    Very excited about the podcast! My word of the year is CHERISH.

  33. Rachelle DeNecochea

    My word for the year is brave. Whenever I feel vulnerable or exposed or overwhelmed, I find myself hiding. This bad habit holds me back from truly living and taking the risks essential to reaching my dreams. No more!

    Looking forward to your podcast!

  34. Liz

    My Word of the Year for 2017 is completion. I really want to focus on following through with things I start whether they be habits I want to change, projects I’m working on or classes I want to take.

  35. Julia Gleich

    My word is courage.

  36. fanny

    My word is GROW.
    I love podcasts and can’t wait to hear yours:)

  37. oprolevorter

    You made certain nice points there. I did a search on the subject and found mainly folks will go along with with your blog.


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