CSP #57: Anxiety, trauma and lowering the bar in the time of Covid with Annie Wright, LMFT

Annie Wright, LMFT is the founder and clinical director of Evergreen Counseling – a therapy center located in Berkeley, California – as well a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in complex relational trauma. She’s also a published writer with pieces and opinions appearing in Forbes, NBC, The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Reader’s Digest and more. 

Dear friends,

This was the aha moment I had while chatting with Annie Wright, LMFT about the mental health crisis of Covid for the Creative Superheroes Podcast. I encourage you to listen to this interview (and subscribe to my podcast!) because there is a lot of beautiful wisdom from Annie in here. This is the part that lit up for me:

“Right now is the time to lower the bar. Right now is not the time to think that we are going to do things perfectly, that we’ll keep our addictive tendencies completely at bay, or that we’ll be doing yoga and green juice daily. This is not the time for that. I’m all about self-improvement, but not during a global pandemic, the likes of which our generation has never ever seen before. This is a time to be extraordinarily kind, compassionate and flexible with yourself. And listen, if you do need to escape through Netflix, if you do need to escape through eating popcorn for dinner this week (which I certainly have) that is okay right now.” -Annie Wright

Listen in as we normalize and shine a light on the wobbly feelings you are surely having at this time. Our anxiety is up, our addictions are up, we are starved for connection and need to self-soothe. We think we need to write the great american novel, finish all the house projects or learn French fluently right now. Sure, if those things inspire you, go for it! But not at the cost of shaming yourself when you fall short or creating more stress and tension in your body. Let’s be kind. First to ourselves and then to others.

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