30 days of getting your voice out in the world

Blogging is still the best way to grow your audience + find your tribe!

I have been blogging since 2003…which kinda blows my mind. That’s 16 years!
Over the years I realized something:

Writing is like exercise.

The more you do it, the more you WANT to do it.

And the more you crave it? The better you get at it and the more you find yourself in flow.
Even if you:
  • don’t fancy yourself a real writer
  • your blog has been collecting dust
  • wonder if it’s too noisy out there for your voice to be heard
  • you’re not sure if you have anything worth saying
  • you don’t have a blog at all yet!
this course is for you

Just like our exercise practice, if you’re anything like me you often have a hard time doing it at home.

You like the support of a teacher, a guide, someone telling you what to do. You like the feeling of the room, of being in a community of others that are all practicing together.

It feels better.
You show up more fully.
It’s more fun.

This is a place where we can gather. Where we don’t have to feel like we’re going it alone. Where we can respond to juicy prompts and create gorgeous graphics and ignite (or re-ignite!) our energy around our writing + sharing on social media.

Here’s what you will discover inside:

  • Fresh writing prompts + photo prompts
  • Lessons in being brave with our voice
  • Lessons on creating graphics + finding great images
  • Interviews with other inspiring bloggers
  • Community cheerleading + accountability

A place to share your work – both inside the classroom and on your blog that you will breathe life and love into.

Brave Blogging Will help you

Jump start your blog back into aliveness!
Figure out where to begin if you’ve always wanted to start a blog but didn’t know how
Find inspiration + a friendly guide to get you going.
Be more BRAVE with your voice and share the real deal of your heart.
Figure out what you want to share and stop procrastinating!
Find an open-hearted community to share your writing with

I have benefited so much from Andrea’s teachings

Andrea’s mantra of “fun and easy” is inherent in everything she touches, bringing light and joy and a sense of limitless potential to her students. She is a gifted, creative, empathetic guide who connects deeply to her clients, offering the kind of support and encouragement that can yield fantastic results. I have benefitted so much from Andrea’s teachings; she has prompted me to think about creativity in new ways, to open up to more ideas, and to prioritize a practice that sustains me.
– Karina Racz

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