surreal days

pinkie feet, Canon 300D

I met Pinkie the clown yesterday afternoon on the corner of Mission and 23rd in front of the Walgreen’s. She was making balloon dogs and balloon flowers and balloon swords complete with a wrap around holster. Impressive what some people can do with a small piece of orange latex.

But the day started off even stranger. I strolled half asleep into the bathroom yesterday morning and heard a strange flapping sound. It sounded desperate and birdlike and CLOSE. I peered into my office and there were two doves trying to find their way out of the narrow slit of a window they miraculously flew through in the first place. It was like a slumber party with David Copperfield gone terribly wrong.

I ran down the hall to get Matt and shouted at him asleep in bed, “There are birds in my office!” He shot out of bed, startled, confused (sorry honey!) “There’s what?!”

“Birds in my office!”

He somehow corralled them back through the window and a big, scared smear of bird poop slid down the glass in their wake. Sorry birdies.

The whole scene felt strangely symbolic. Any ideas out there?

The day ended with a dream that I was writing a check over and over to a man named Horse Peppercorn. Maybe it was because I read that Gwyneth Paltrow’s new baby is named Apple.

Things are getting very surreal around here.


My friend Mark is hilarious. Read his essay The Epitaph of the Crank Call.

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  1. stef

    I love these kinds of stories – trying to find the hidden meanings…or just letting them be the weird days that we encounter sometimes. I love the pinkie feet 🙂

  2. jenn

    Once again you are making me laugh… very funny Andrea. Very funny.

  3. shelly

    Clowns shoes are Great!Laughter has followed those shoes!Apple must be family??I like it!

  4. Jen

    I love those strange days – white doves – maybe it’s telling you to go buy tickets to go see Prince in concert (ha ha). Maybe your house is just filled with peace. Hmmmm…fun to sit here and anyalyze – I saw a hummingbird today!!!
    I love the clown shoes – I wear these orange and coral sneakers that my nephews call Clown Shoes.
    Ya – Gwyneth naming her daughter Apple – Apple Martin – Apple Martini.
    Live and love the surrealism!!

  5. cooper

    Andrea – was the check very big? My name’s Horse Peppercorn. 😉 send it on over! ;0 ;0

  6. Julia

    Enjoy the “surreality” of it all…Stange days indeed! Surely this is all an omen of good things to come, or a sign to make you think,or be more aware of how funny things just seem to “happen”….(You couldn’t make this stuff up.) I love the clown feet photo. How fun it would be to be making balloon animals and making people smile! Way to go Pinkie the Clown!! Great post Andrea! thanks. 🙂

  7. Samantha

    First, I must say that I really love the name Apple. In my college dorm there was a girl named Apple (last name Newton–really, no kidding), who was quite haughty and somehow always managed to impart the fact that she did NOT approve of me. Though at the time I thought the name ridiculous, I now think it’s adorable.
    (Though I should probably mention the fact that I considered naming my baby Plum. He turned out to be a boy though, so we named him Potato.)
    No. We named him Julian.
    Anyway, I believe that doves in your office is an omen of beautiful things to come. Like many birds, doves mate for life, so I imagine that one flew in the window and the other had no choice but to follow his beloved…

  8. Katherine

    I am *big* on the whole animal symbol thing . . . as we are all connected through the web of life, whoever crosses our path – animal, mineral, vegetable 🙂 – shows up as a shifting in the patterns of our living. And the dream world is the between place for the world and the space of Nothing so the symbols they kick out can be very telling . . . of course, you are the only one who can do the true telling of them . . . a little exercise – if your dream had a title, what would it would be? What are the three most important elements of the dream?
    And here’s some more fun: (gives all osrts of info on animals – great for looking inward to see what archetypes are being triggered)
    Dove – Dove/Pigeon’s Wisdom Includes: Brings peace and love; Understanding of gentleness; Spirit messenger; Communicates between the two worlds
    Horse/Pony/Mustang’s Wisdom Includes:; Power; Stamina; Endurance; Faithfulness; Freedom to run free; Control of the environment; Awareness of power achieved with true cooperation; Interspecies communication; Expanding one?s own potential abilities; Friendship and Cooperation; Travel; Astral travel; Guardian of travelers; Warns of possible danger; Guide to overcoming obstacles
    Of course Horse Peppercorn could just be a literal translation in which it would just mean Hot Sex 🙂

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