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Month: February 2006

I will die of the cuteness

hippie dog, Sausalito, Canon Digital Rebel OMG. Cute Overload is OUT OF CONTROL this week. The fish? The puppy? The hilarious text for "Eets my time" Oh, and then there's the panda. This is definitely the best site on the internet.

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complaints into requests

Me, Dreaming of earrings made of fruit, wearing a Pyrex Necklace, Canon Digital Rebel I heard the best advice yesterday. Turn complaints into requests! Did y'all get that? Turn complaints into requests! For example: When your dear...

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leaf on an easy chair

leaf on a discarded easy chair, San Francisco, Canon Digital Rebel "The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself." - Henry Miller

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green bananas, Maui, Canon Digital Rebel Wow wow wow. Photos I wish I'd taken. {via Bldg blog} More wow in pictures. Wow in technology. The prettiest cell phone I ever did see. {via Wundertuete}

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Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

Self-portrait in green glass ball, Hana, Canon Digital Rebel When I was a kid, I remember sitting outside my parent's bedroom listening through the door with my breath held and hand cupped to my ear. I had an instinct for those moments...

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red ginger, Canon Digital Rebel I recently got a sweet note from a talented photographer and mother of 3 who is creating a new business and having some anxiety about where it is going. She asked me, "Are there days that you want to quit...

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The wonder of collective effervescence

The wonder of collective effervescence

Dancing at Zumba a few weeks ago, I found myself in a flow state. It felt like a miracle, after months of stumbling around and trying to follow the moves, not even being able to finish a class without leaving early. (Who knew Zumba was so...

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