you can call in what you truly want

One of my superpowers is manifesting!
In fact, I’m kind of a big nerd about it. 

I’ve been guiding this mini-manifesting workshop for years in a live setting + decided to finally bring it to you in an online format! You can gather friends for this process, or take some time do it privately. It’s a powerful primer for Mondo Beyondo too.

In this mini-course you will find:

Steps to complete your year (whatever the date!) with power + compassion

A series of audio + video lessons from Andrea that will guide you through this process.

Consciously creating the coming year

Mondo Beyondo list-making
Choosing your word of the year

A little bit psychology, a little bit magic, and a whole lot of         self-discovery.

“Andrea’s exercises succeeded in defining and organizing all my most important thoughts and feelings about my life. I was able to pluck my truest desires out of the complicated tapestry and delivered them back to myself as simple and beautiful jewels. Manifest is just the right word! I was able to manifest the desires of my heart into tangible + meaningful goals.”
– Savannah

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