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Month: January 2010

on making a clearing*

red berries, Sonoma, CA, Canon Digital Rebel XSi Several times a year, usually when I'm sick, I have one particular dark thought, or collection of thoughts I call the hospital fantasy. This happens when you are so overwhelmed with the...

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Joy for Haiti*

Myriam and the moon, Oregon coast, Canon Digital Rebel XSi Okay guys. Myriam is ready for us to give! You can read Myriam's story here, and donate by clicking the "ChipIn!" button. Her goal is to raise 30,000 dollars in the next few weeks...

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lemons, Canon Digital Rebel XSi Four seizures and a bout of pneumonia later, we are all on the road to recovery. Thank you for all of your wishes! More about helping with Haiti coming soon...

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Heartbreak, Haiti and the importance of connection*

This week has got me thinking about heartbreak. It started on Tuesday afternoon when Ben had another febrile seizure. This one was particularly violent and we happened to be on the street when it happened. Couple that with the fact that...

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ATM: Always Trust Magic*

me and Jen Lemen, SF, Canon Digital Rebel XSi Amy Krouse Rosenthal just launched a new blog. I am in love... Check out her first mission here. It's all about transforming the acronym ATM to mean Always Trust Magic.

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The wonder of collective effervescence

The wonder of collective effervescence

Dancing at Zumba a few weeks ago, I found myself in a flow state. It felt like a miracle, after months of stumbling around and trying to follow the moves, not even being able to finish a class without leaving early. (Who knew Zumba was so...

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