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We think we move through the world unseen.

Here's the scene. Ben, Nico and I are leaving the park and going to stroll home. As usual, Nico does NOT want to sit in the stroller. I say to him calmly, "Okay Nico. If I let you walk, you have to stay with mama and B on the sidewalk."...

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Nothing you’ve ever done is wasted.

The lost art of the friendly letter When I was in grade school, we were taught the art of the "friendly letter." Although I can't remember every detail now, there was a structure to these handwritten notes -- a place to put your return...

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I have something really fun for you!

I have something really fun for you!

Dear Creative Friends, I've been leaning on my creative practices more than ever lately - to stay sane, to keep my spirits up, really just to keep going during this wild and uncertain time. (I have wanted to crawl in bed and hide some of...

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